History Ch. 22

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Section 1

Question Answer
Organizer of Chinese Nationalist PartySun Yat-Sen
Dude who reunited China under national governmentChiang Kai-Shek
Tried to produce revolutions in ChinaMao Zedong
What are sanctionsthings forbidding sale of certain materials to Italy
lebensraumliving space
First evil allianceRome-Berlin Axis (Germany-Italy)
Second evil allianceAnti-Comintern Pact (Germany-Japan)
Spanish Fascist generalFrancisco Franco
Prime minister of England as tension increasedNeville Chamberlain
Prime minister of FranceEdouard Daladier
Meeting where allies decided to give up SudentlandMunich Conference
Big-shot English prime ministerWinston Churchill
Germany-Italy alliance before warPact of Steel

Section 2

Question Answer
First country to be attacked in the warPoland
Date when war startedSeptember 1, 1939
sitzkriegsitting war
traitors were calledfifth columnists
Most notorious traitorVidkun Quisling
Free French Movement leaderCharles de Gaulle
German commander "desert fox"Edwin Rommel
Act that said US could support anyone they wantedLend-Lease Act
Common principles between England and USAtlantic Charter
Fanatical Japanese dicatorHideki Tojo
Date for attack on pearl harbborDecember 7, 1941
African Germans were defeated by this English dudeBernard L. Montgomery
African Germans were defeated by this US dudeDwight D. Eisenhower
Fighters who harass an occupying enemyPartisans
Big ThreeChurchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin
D-Day code nameOperation Overlord
D-Day dateJune 6, 1944
American commander in PhilippinesDouglas Macarthur
Germany's last attempt to break Allies' lineBattle of the Bulge
V-E DayMay 8, 1945
US president after warTruman
British prime minister after warClement Attlee
Order of atomic bomb dropsHiroshima then Nagasaki
V-J DaySeptember 2, 1945
3 UN departmentsSecretariat, General Assembly, and Security Council
5 permanent UN membersUS, Russia, China, England, and France

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