History Ch. 22

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Section 1

Question Answer
cliqueexclusive, elite group
Sun Yat-senthe organizer of the Kuomintang (Nationalist party)
Chiang Kai-shektook contol of Kuomintang after Yat-sen's death
Mao Zedongleader of the radical Communist forces
Third Reichnew German empire
lebensraum"living space"
Rome-Berlin Axisalliance between Germany and Italy - 1936
Anti-Comintern Pactpact between Germany and Japan against communism (and Russia)
Axis powersGermany, Italy, Japan
Alliesopponents of Axis powers
Francisco FrancoFacist general who led a revolt against Spain's republican government
Neville Chamberlainprime minister of Great Britain
Edouard Daladierprime minister of Francesurrender
Munich Conferenceconference that gave Sudetenland to Hitler
appeasementbuying off an aggressor by making concessions
Winston Churchillmember of the House of Commons, famous leader of Britain, became prime minister of Britain
Pact of Steelmilitary alliance between Hitler and Mussolini

Section 2

Question Answer
September 1, 1939German forces attacked Poland and Britian and France declared war on Germany (WWII begins)
panzerpowerfully armored
LuftwaffeGerman superior air force
blitzkrieg"lightning war"
sitzkrieg"sitting war"
fifth columnistsa term coined during the Spanish Civil War to refer to individuals within a country who secretly aid the enemy by spying, spreading enemy propoganda, and committing sabotage or other similar activities
Vidkun QuislingNorwegian, most notorious of the fifth columnists (today, his name is synonymous for traitor)
Maginot LineFrench line of defense that protected her border from Switzerland to Belgium
Henri Petainmarshal, a hero of WWI, appointed to head a new French government and signed an armistice with Germany to surrender
Vichy Franceregion under Petain's rule
Charles de Gaulleleader of the Free French movement that continued to wage war against the Axis powers after France had surrendered
Erwin RommelGerman general who took forces to North Africa to save Italy from total collapse
amphibiousinvasion by sea
RAFBritish Royal Air Force
Lend-Lease Actact passed by U.S. Congress in 1941 to authorize the president to give any military supplies to any country whose security was important to the U.S.
Atlantic Charteran 8-point charter between Churchill and Roosevelt that set forth the common principles on which both countries would base their hopes and provided agreements for the final destruction of Nazism
ghettosrestricted areas (called "death boxes" by the Nazis)
Hideki Tojofanatical militarist who became the virtual dictator of Japan, ordered attack on Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor

Section 3

Question Answer
Bernard L. MontgomeryBritish general who defeated Rommel's forces at battle of El Alamein
Dwight D. EisenhowerAmerican general
partisansfighters who harass an enemy occupying their territory
"Big Three"Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin
summita conference of high-level officials
Operation Overloadcodename for Britain/U.S.'s invasion of France
D-daythe day when an attack is to be launched
June 6, 1944D-day
Douglas MacArthurAmerican general who fought in the Philiippines
banzaiwar cry shouted by the Japanese troops
The Battle of the Bulgebattle that wasted much of Germany's remaining strength and hastened the end of the war in Europe
Yalta Conferencerecognized Soviet control of eastern Europe
May 8, 1945"V-E" Day ("Victory in Europe") - Germans surrendered unconditionally
Holocaustterrible atrocities done to Jews and others by the Germans
Harry TrumanU.S. president representing at the Yalta Conference
Clement Attleeelected new prime minister of Britain, replace Churchill at Potsdam
September 2, 1945"V-J" Day, Japanese surrendered
United NationsUN, maintenance of international peace and security
Secretariatdivision within UN, headed by Secretary General and is administrative arm of UN
General Assemblydivision within UN, represents all member nations
Security Councildivision within UN, executive power of UN, comprised of 5 permament members (U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France) and 10 nonpermanent members

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