History Ch. 21

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Section 1

Question Answer
Great Britain relief for unemployedDole
Leader of British labor partyRamsay Macdonald
Britain declares Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa to be freeStatute of Westminster
French Popular Front named him prime ministerLeon Blum
French defensive fortificationsMaginot Line
US stock market collapsed inOctober 1929
President who inherited Great DepressionFranklin Roosevelt
Nonelected officials who handle government affairsBureaucrats

Section 2

Question Answer
Russian Czar; Attempted to supress revolutionary idea and activitiesAlexander III
Russian Czar when revolution startedNicholas II
Russian violent political partyBolsheviks
Russian peaceful political partyMensheviks
Day when a bunch of protesters were killedBloody Sunday
Russian National AssemblyDuma
Evil Rusian monkRasputin
Dude who restored order in RussiaAlexander Kerensky
Leader of the BolsheviksVladimir Lenin
Russian Communist leaderLeon Trotsky
Russian temporary retreat from communismNew Economic Policy
USSR power struggle was betweenJoseph Stalin & Leon Trotsky
Stalin's economic recovery programsFive-year plans
Stalin executes a bunch of his communistsPurges
Program to start communism in other places around the worldCommunist international or Comintern
Italian totalitarian governmentFascism
German totalitarian governmentNazism
Italian dictatorBenito Mussolini
Italian divisions of work forceSyndicates
German legislature thingamagimmickReichstag
Weak German governmentWeimar Republic
German dictatorAdolf Hitler
The book that Hitler wroteMein Kampf
President of German republicPaul von Hindenburg

Section 3

Question Answer
Most famous expressionistHenri Matisse
Most famous cubistPablo Picasso
Dude who developed skyscraperLouis Sullivan
Dude who popularized functionalist arcitectural styleWalter Gropius
Dude who blended buildings with surroundingsFrank Lloyd Wright
Father of polytonality; musicianIgor Stravinsky
Father of atonal musicArnold Schonberg
Author who portrayed desolation and meaninglessnessT.S. Eliot
German novelist whose characters were victimsThomas Mann
Deliberately obscure writerJames Joyce

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