History Ch. 19 Bold Words

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Question Answer
Konrad AdenauerGerman chancellor
Wirtschaftswundereconomic miracle
Charles de Gaullepresident of France
Fifth Republicgave the French a constitution and strengthened the office of the president
Liberal Democratic Partya party that ruled japan
Marshall PlanUS distributing funds to the European countries
Common Marketthe European Economic Community
North Atlantic Treaty Organizationan international league to protect against Soviet aggression
United Nationsan international peace-keeping organization representing fifty nations
Republic of Chinaa government that Chiang Kai-shek established on Taiwan
Great Leap Forwardan economic plan Mao Zedong announced in 1958
Cultural Revolutiona social and political purge released in 1966
Tiananmen Squarein the Chinese capital of Bejing
Berlin Blockadethe Soviet blockade blocked West Berlin from road or rail
Inchona city in South Korea
38th parallelthe line between North Korea and South Korea
Ho Chi MinhCommunist leader in Vietnam
Dien Bien Phua battle between France and Vietnam for Vietnam's independance
Viet Cong
Sputnikthe first man-made satellite