History Ch. 18

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Section 1

Question Answer
Jethro Tullseed drill
Charles Townsendcrop rotation
Robert Bakewellselective breeding
John Kayflying shuttle
James Hargreavesspinning jenny
Richard Arkwrightspinning frame
Samuel Cromptonspinning mule
Eli Whitneycotton gin
Henry Cortpuddling iron ore purifying method
Henry Bessemersteel-making process
James Wattsteam engine
John McAdamfast, durable, "macadamized" roads
Richard Trevithick steam-powered locomotive
George Stephensoncar-pulling locomotive
Robert Fultonsteamboat
Orville & Wilbur Wrightairplane
Henry Ford Model T automobile

Section 2

Question Answer
William Wilberforceefforts caused slave trade to be abolished in Britain
Benjamin Disraeli & William Gladstonealternated as prime minister of British Parliament
Robert Owentried 2 Utopian societies, both failed
Karl Marxdeveloped Marxism - wrote Communist Manifesto
Friedrich EngelsUtopian socialists - wrote Communist Manifesto w. ^
Robert RaikesSunday schools
George Mueller orphanages
George WilliamsYMCA
William BoothSalvation Army
Dwight L. Moodyrevivals
Charles Darwindeveloped Darwinism/evolution - wrote Origin of Species and The Descent of Man
John Daltonelements composed of atoms
Dmitri Mendeleevperiodic table
William Roentgenx-rays
Henry Moseleyused x-rays to discover more about atoms
Pierre & Marie Curiefound pitchblende in uranium
Ernest Rutherfordatom composed of nucleus and electons
Niels Bohratom's nucleus composed of protons and electrons
Albert EinsteinE=mc^2 and theory of relativity
Charles Dickenswriter: realist - attacked injustices of society through vivid portrayals
Thomas Hardywriter: realist - portrayed man as in hopeless struggle w. impersonal forces beyond his control
Samuel Clemenswriter: realist - same as Hardy but portrayed thoughts with humor
Leo Tolstoywriter: realist - described Russian llife during Napoleonic Wars
Gustave Corbetpainter: realist
Auguste Renoir & Claude Monetpainers: impressionists
Auguste Rodin sculptor: impressionist - The Thinker
Claude Debussymusician: impressionist
Paul Cezanne & Vincent van Goghpainters: post-impressionists

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