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History and Colonization of Australia and Oceana

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Section 1

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40,000 BCEfirst Aborigines arrive in Australia from Southeast Asia
Aboriginesthe indigenous people of Australia
20,000 BCEthe Aborigines spread throughout Australia and Tasmania
AD 1200sMaori arrive in New Zealand from different parts of easter Polynesia
Maorithe indigenous people of New Zealand
1642Dutch explorer Abel Tasman is the first European to reach New Zealand
1769British Captain James Cook explores New Zealand coastline
1788Great Britain begins to send convicts to penal colony in Australia and merino sheep brought to Australia
1859wild rabbits from England released in Australia
1931Australia gains independence from Great Britain
1947New Zealand gains independence from Great Britain

Section 2

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atolla ring shaped island formed by the buildup of a coral reef on the rim of a submerged volcano
calderaa large volcano crater
Australian bushsparsely inhabited areas
biomesmajor type of ecological community defined primarily by plant and animal group

Section 3

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What is the western platau?its 2/3 of Australia and is mainly desert. They're unsuitable for agriculture
What is a water problem in Australia?fresh water is unevenly distributed and there's little preciptiation
What is the Great Barrier Reef?A biome where many marine species attract 2 million tourists per year
What is a negative impact of the Great Barrier Reef?it shrinks 20 percent every 100 years
what provides protection against floods?the 900 wetlands

Section 4

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What are responsible for carving out lakes and rivers in New Zealand?glaciers
What are the Canterbury Plains?the flattest and most fertile land in New Zealand. It is also where livestock and agriculture flourish
What are important to flora and fauna?lagoons and inland bodies of water