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Question Answer
Width of Nile valley 2-30 miles
Who was the first pharaoh Akhenaten
Only woman pharaoh in Egypt Hatshepsut
Bible character who became a vizierJoseph
Pharaoh who revealed much about ancient EgyptKing Tut
Place where many pharaohs tomb were Valley of the Kings
Flat or level area of land Plain
A land form higher than a hillMountain
The highest mountain in AfricaMt. Kilimanjaro
An area between mountainsValley
Largest desertSahara
Longest riverNile
Second largest continentAfrica
Which way does the Nile river flowSouth to north
What monument has the head of a man and a body of a lionSphinx
Build up of loose sand at the end of a riverDelta
Second highest in commandVizier
Large rock bed that produces small waterfalllsCataract
Monument made to represent sun god Obelisks
Sun godRa
A long pole with a bucket tied on one end to dip water from the NileShadoof
A dead kings body preserved with chemicals Mummy
Long roll of paperScroll
Pictures that told stories Hieroglyphs
Plant used to make the worlds first paperlike materialpapyrus
What does pharaoh mean and what is itGreat house and king
A period of serious shortage of foodFamine
Highland plainPlateau
First season Flood-when Nile flooded they build buildings
Second season Planting-plant crops
Third seasonHarvest-harvest crops

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