History 8th grade a Beka test 5

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Who was called the "Father of Western African Mission?"Lott Carey
Who served as a missionary to plantation workers?Caesar McLemore
Who became known as America's greatest science teacher?Louis Agassiz
Who is the only American poet honored in England's Westminster Abbey?Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Who is known the painting scenes of "the peaceable kingdom?"Edward Hicks
What was the first state university to begin operating?University of North Carolina
What artist is best remember r for his painting portraits of George Washington?Gilbert Stuart
In what year was the treaty signed that opened Japan to Christian missionaries?1858
Who wrote THE SCARLET LETTER?Nathaniel Hawthorne
Who helped organize the first women's rights convention?Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott

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Who wrote the poem "Snowbound?"John Greenleaf Whittier
In what year was Americas first foreign mission board founded?1810
What book did Thoreau write that recorded his experiences with nature?WALDEN
Who were the evangelists that we non horseback, conducting church services on the frontier?Circuit riding preachers
What group of American poets emphasized man's aspiration, emotions, peso all experiences and imagination?School Room Poets or Fireside Poets
What was the greatest influence of the Second Great Awakening?Shared the gospel and worked for social reform
How are all false religions alike?Salvation is gained by work
What important lesson was learned on the family farm?The value of owning private land
Who started New York City's first Sunday school?Katy Ferguson
Who worked to improve treatment for the mentally ill?Doreatha Dix

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Who founded New York City's first settlement house?Phoebe Palmer
Who accompanied Lott Carey to Liberia? Colin Teage
What great Methodist circuit rider preachers the gospel in Kentucky and Tennessee?Francis Asbury
Who pioneered the camp meeting revival?James McGready
What did transcendentalists worship?Man and Nature
What is William McGuffey best remembered for?Reading text books
What was the goal of the American temperance Union?Abolish alcohol
What society was organized in 1816 to distribute Bibles to frontier families?American Bible Society
What was the first state to outlaw the use of liquor?Maine
Who was the author of "Rip Van Winkle?"Washington Irving

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What was a popular learning technique in the town schools?Spelling bee
Who wrote of 200 songs like "My Old Kentucky Home?"Stephen Foster
Who was the Cherokee who wrote a language for his people?Sequoya
Who was the Methodist evangelist send by John Wesley to establish churches and Bible studies on the frontier?Francis Asbury
Describe the philosophy of education in the 1800s. What role did parents play?Schools taught Tradition education. The parents realized education was important to remain free.
Who was sent to open trade with Japan?Matthew Perry
Who was the founder of the African Methodist episcopal Church?Richard Allen
Who discovered the Hawaiian islands in 1778?Captain James Cook
Who is the "Father of American Missions?"Adoniram Judson
What was Africa's first black republic?Liberia

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