History (20s-WW2)

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Prohibition (1920-1933)You cannot buy, sell, manufacture, or transport, alcohol
18th AmendmentProhibition, increased Federal Police Powers
21st Amendment Repealed 18th Amendment
BootleggerSomeone who illegally produces and distributes alcohol
Speak EasyUnderground, hidden bar
Izzy and MoeMade 4392 arrests as prohibition detectives, also found 5 million bottles of liquor
Al Capone"Scarface" , Gangster from Chicago who became the most famous criminal
Johnny TorrioCapone's Mentor
Dion O'BannionIrish mobster, controlled the North Side, his cover job was being a florist
Little Hyme WeissOne of O'Bannion's top hit men, took over after O'Bannion's death
Bugs MoranOne of O'Bannion's top hit men, took over after Weiss's death
Capone is found guilty withtax evasion
George RemusKing of the Bootleggers
Great Gatsby was based off of George Remus
Sacco and VanzettiItalian anarchist immigrants accused of murder perhaps because of their political beliefs
Isolationismthe US should avoid involvment in European affairs
NativismWant only native born people in the US. No immigration should be allowed
Ku Klux KlanWant only white Angle-Saxon Protestants used public relations firm to promote the Klan
Emergency Quota Act 1921Limited immigration by basing it on ethinc identity and national origins. Based on 1910 census
National Origins Act of 1924Based on 1890 census. Favored Immigration from NW Europe. Limited total immigration to 150,000
Great Migration Blacks move from S to N to find jobs and form voting blocks

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Harlem Renaissancethe stimulation of artistic development, racial pride, and sense of community that spread throughout the US in black communities
Marcus GarveyLed the Back to Africa
JazzFavorite music of 1920s
Louis ArmstrongThe great Jazz musician of the 1920s
Mass MediaAllowed the nation to share experiences through entertainment and helped unify the country
George Herman Ruth"Babe", saved the game of baseball
Knute Rockne In his 13 yrs as leader of Notre Dame his teams went 105-12.5, making his .881 winning percentage the highest in history
FarmersLeft out of the economic boom of the 20s because of falling food prices after WW1. They made about 30% of the population
Charles Lindberg1st man to fly nonstop across the Atlantic, baby was kidnapped and killed
Spirit of St. LouisLindberg's plane
FlapperWomen changed traditional values by raising their hemlines, bobbing their hair, drinking alcohol, and smoking
Dance MarathonsYoung people dance for hours for a chance to win large sums of money (dance till you drop)
Shipwreck KellyAwful boxer, started flagpole sitting fad, spent 145 days on a flagpole
Charlie ChapmanComedian and silent filmstar
EvolutionHumans develop from lower life forms
CreationismGod created the world as the Bible says
Scopes Monkey TrialTennessee Biology teacher is found guilty of teaching evolution
The Federal Bank Reservecentral bank of US that controls the economy by setting interest rates

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Installment PlanPeople would make a small down payment and pay the rest in monthly intallments
Stock MarketA system of buying and selling stocks in a corp
MarginBuying stock by paying only a fraction of the stock price and borrowing the rest
Black TuesdayPrices took the steepest dive everas investors sold their stock. October 29th, 1929
Herbert HooverHe failed to resolve the crisis of the Depression and people blamed him for causing it
Shanty TownThey were communities of makeshift shack's on public land. "Hoovervilles"
Bonus ArmyVeterans that set off on a month long march to Washington DC to lobby Congress to pass legislation for veterans to receive their bonuses early
Franklin Delano RooseveltDemocrat who wins in 1933, President through the Great Depression, provided programs that helped people economically
Fireside chatsFDR's radio program used to restore the confidence of the american people
Bank HolidayWhen FDR closed all the banks for a day
Emergency Bank Relief ActRequired fed. examiners to survey the nation's banks
Brain TrustRoosevelt and his advisors
New DealRoosevelt's policies for ending the Depression
Roosevelt's Three RsRelief, Recovery, and Reform
Eleanor Roosevelt1st Lady, part of the Brain Trust, she came up with some of the New Deal Programs
Dust BowlCaused by poor agricultural practices and years of sustained drought
John SteinbeckWrote the Grapes of Wrath about the Dust Bowl
Radio and MoviesAllowed people to escape from their worries during the GD
Snow White and the 7 Dwarves1st Full length animated film. Produced by Walt Disney
Deficit Spending When the gov spends more money than it takes in from taxes. As a result of the New Deal, gov's role in spending increased which lead tomore deficit spending
National DebtThe amt. of debt built up by the National Government. Money is borrowed from foreign banks

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TotalitarianismAny political system in which a citizen is totally subject to state authority in all aspects of day to day life
Axis Powersname given to Hitler and his allies. Phrase coined by Mussolini
Nazi PartyNational Socialist Worker's Party. Hitler's political party
Ava BraunHitler's mistress for many years, became wife only a few days before her and his death
Mein KampfHitler's autobiography "My Struggle"
Benito MussoliniEurope's 1st dictator, creates Fascist party, Hitler's role model
Emperor HirohitoEmperor of Japan. Considered a deity by his people
General TojoThe military ruler of Japan
Neville ChamberlainBritish prime minister that appeased Hitler by giving him the Sudetenland, promised peace in our time
Munich ConferenceGB & France agree to give Hitler the Sudetenland if he promised to not claim any more territory
Joseph StalinThe soviet dictator that led the USSR through WW2
NonAggression PactGermany and USSR agree to not attack each other
PolandHitler's attack on this Eastern European country in 1939 started WW2
Blitzkrieg"Lightning War", strategy that used tanks, artillery, air, and motorized infantry to spearhead a break through enemy lines and disrupt supplies
Sir Winston ChurchillBritish Prime Minister who rallied the British people to fight against the Nazis
Herman Goering Head of the Luftwaffe and 2nd in charge of Germany
Isolationistmost Americans wanted to remain neutral
Lend-LeaseThis act meant that the US could send weapons to Britain if they promised to return/pay rent for them after the war
Selective Service & Training Act1st peacetime draft in US

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Pearl Harbor, HawaiiDec 2, 1941 , place where the Japanese tried to destroy the US Pacific fleet in a sneak attack
Admiral Yamamoto planned the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Bataan Death MarchAmerican POWs forced to march over 60 miles and treated harshly
Internment Camps Japanese Americans are forced to give up their homes/jobs and sent to relocation centers
Gen. George MarshallUS Army Chief of staff who fought the war from Washington DC
Great Depression cause #1Credit Buying
Great Depression cause #2Agricultural Problems
Great Depression cause #3High Tariffs
Great Depression cause #4Concentration of Wealth
Great Depression cause #5Frail Banking System
The main cause of the Great DepressionOverproduction

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