History 17 Multiple Choice

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The period of rebuilding the South after the Civil War was called Reconstruction
What is the name of the decree that required that 50 percent in a state swear loyalty to the Union?Wade-Davis Bill
African Americans were helped to make the transition to freedom by the Freedman's Bureau
President Abraham Lincoln was shot atFord's Theater
The only Southern Senator to support the Union during the Civil War was Andrew Johnson

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African Americans were granted full citizenship by theCivil Rights Act of 1866
All individuals born in the United States were granted full citizenship by theFourteenth Amendment
The only Southern state to immediately ratify the Fourteenth Amendment wasTennessee
When Andrew Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act, The House of Representatives voted to impeach him.
Which Amendment gave African American men the right to vote?Fifteenth Amendment

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Southern whites who supported Republican policy throughout Reconstruction were calledScalawags
Northerners who moved South and supported the Republicans were calledCarpetbaggers
One way some Southerners made life difficult for freed African AmericansRefuse to give them work
What did Southerners who had the most to gain from the reestablishment white supremacy see as a defense against Republican rule?VIOLENCE
What did African Americans see as an important step to a better life?Education

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Most former Confederates were pardoned by the Amnesty Act
Reconstruction ended with the Compromise of 1877
Farmers thought that the quickest way to repay debt was to growCash crops
As a means of keeping poor people and African Americans from voting, many Southern states requiredA poll tax
What type of society did Southern states form by passing the Jim Crow laws?A segregated society