History 1301 test ch 14 & 15

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railroad building in the 1840s and 50s was paid for mostly by ________ and _______ money.state, private
where ever they lived - before salt lake city - _____________ were discriminated against and even persecuted because of their religious beliefs Mormons
______ annexed Oregon by offering to divide it with GB Polk
The annexation of _________ led to the Mexican WarTexas
The ending of the mexican war left americans feeling more __________ and _________ towards mexicans. Leaving Mexicans with a rise in extreme nationalism.superior, prejudice
after earning freedom from Spain Mexico needed income and opened trade with the US and let americans settle into ________Texas
Oregon had nothing to do with what treaty?Guadalupe-Hidalgo
The Aryan belief in the superiority of white democratic, protestant peoples led to the american idea of ____________________Manifest Destiny
After winning its independence from Mexico _________ waited 9 years before becoming a state over fears of angering mexicoTexas
what brought thousands of to California in the early 1850s?Gold rush
In the chapter prelude the _______, _______, and ________ are the conflicting frontiersthe horse, gun, and disease
The _________________ main subject was that ther be no slavery in the territory gained in the Mexican warWilmot Proviso
_____________________ suggested that the people who moved into a territory should decide whether slavery be permitted or notPopular soverignty
Though it was touted such at the time the ________________ was not a real compromise nor a final settlementCompromise of 1850
_________________ popularity rested on its emotionalism and compelling criticism of slaveryUncle Toms Cabin
Stephen Douglas' ________________________ called for popular sovereignty in the areaKansas Nebraska Act
Kansas Nebraska Act also brought out the creation of the _____________Republican Party
the initial purpose of the republican party was to ____________________prevent extension of slavery
The _______________________ essentially said the national government cannot rule on the issue of slavery extentsionDred Scott Decsion
_____________ indicated local police laws could keep slavery out of a territoryDouglas
_________________ attacked and killed pro slavery people multiple timesJohn Brown
The purpose of the ______________________ was to give US access to a southern route for a transcontinental railroad Gadsden Purchase
When Douglas sponsored the Kansas Nebraska Act he included popular sovereignty in order to get __________________________ Important southern votes to pass the bill
The only way to pass these laws was by breaking the compromise of 1850 into its 5 parts and passing each as seperateTRUU

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