History 1301 test 2 review

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Section 1

Question Answer
Religious conversion had nothing to do with?The Proclamation Line of 1763
William and Mary of Orange were willing to rule in a___________ ___________ not ________________constitutional monarchy; absolutism
After _____ the __________ Government wanted to better control their empire for its benefit1763; British
Even though the French and Indian War was won by the _________ , they intended to keep _________ in the colonies.English; troops
One of the main reasons for the variety of acts passed by ________ on the colonies between ____ and _____ was to make money from the coloniesParliament; 1763 and 1774
The destruction of tea at _______ caused Britain to pass the _________ ________. Boston; Intolerable Acts
Colonial legislatures sometimes refused to cooperate with Parliaments requests in the first two years during the _________ _________ ____French and Indian Wars
None of the colonies or Parliament accepted the ________________.Albany Plan of union
Colonial opposistion to the ______ _______ caused parliament to revoke the acts but issue a policy of right by parliament to make laws for the coloniesStamp Act
The Quebec Act infuriated the colonists because it placed the ______ ________ into the colony of Quebec and unnacceptable as frontier areas for the colonies.Ohio Country
The 1st Continental Congress agreed that __________ could control _____ but couldnt ____ or make laws.Parliament; Trade, tax
In the _____________, 1783, Britain agreed America was independent.Treaty of Paris
During the Revolution an estimation is that around _________ of the population was for independence, _________ remained loyal to England, and _________ didnt much care1/3, 1/3, 1/3
___________ took command of and raised a Continental Army one year before the Continental Congress declared independence. George Washington
Though they talked about it, the ________ did not create slave regiments of any great numbers.British

Section 2

Question Answer
After the U.S defeated British at _________, _______ was willing to enter an alliance.Saratoga; France
One difference that contributed to the misunderstanding and growing animosity between British and the colonies was that Americans practiced ___________ __________ while they practiced virtual representation.Actual Representation
The __________ ____________ was spontaneous and short but its results were huge.Boston Massacre
Between 1607 and 1774 the British Government went from near ignoring of the colonies to trying to have them be __________ helpful to the Empire.financially
A political philosophy that believes that all kinds of rulers will be bad unless carefully watched is __________ __________.Classical Republicanism
____ _______ created a group of letter writers to interchange info between colonies called __________ _______________.Sam Adams; Committees of Correspondence
_______ and _______ were the same people.Tories and Loyalists
The colonies relied on _______ _______ for military protection.local militias
__________ warfare or "guerrilla tactics" is carried out among rival groups and often involved civilians Partisan

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