Historical Geography of the Bible Exam 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
Ge in geography meanslay of the land or a valley
graphe in geography means _____ so it is the _______ of the lay of the landwriting, plotting out
Geography includes references to _____, ______, ______, and _______valleys, plains, mountains, and plateaus
History refers tothe recorded events of human life
Christian philosophy of history cites ____ as the beginning point, with the _______ at the End; and recognizes God as both the _____ and the Consummator; with God being both ________ to creation, and also ______ and involved, such as in the _____ and ______ of JesusCreation, Consummation, Creator, Transcendent, Immanent, Incarnation, Ministry
The lay of the land has influenced where and how people _____; what they ____ and where they get their water; the ______ for their housing; ______ and commerce; and ______ campaignslive, eat, building materials, travel, military
Earthquakes and volcanoes have determined great changes in _____ centerspopulation

Section 2

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Understanding the geographical and geological circumstances of the people of Bible times helps us to understand many ______ and _______ much betterBible passages, narratives
The narratives of _____ and Goliath is better understood when we see the valley of ____ and the sites of Azeka and _____ where the armies encampedDavid, Elah, Succoth
The narratives of Jonathan and his ______ is best understood in light of the two large ______ that restricted passage near the village of ______armor bearer, stone pillars, Michmash
The many battles at Megiddo are better understood in light of the nature of the _____ and the military site of the same namemountain pass

Section 3

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List the Sea-Coastal Plains of Canaan/IsraelPhillistia, Sharon, Phoenicia
What is meant by the term "Shephelah"?the foothills
In what geographical area were all the capital cities of Israel's history?Central Plateau
List the three central valleys that proceed from near Jerusalem toward the West, and which were important in battles and travels of Bible Times.Aijalon, Sorek, Elah
List the main valley that goes from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, giving three names that apply to the same valleyEsdraelon, Jezreel, Megiddo
List the sources of the Jordan RiverAyoun, Hashbani, El Dannim, Banyas-Ceasarea Philippi
Give the dimensions of the sea of galilee13 miles long and 7 miles wide
The shape of the Sea of Galilee gave it the special Hebrew name _______, because it was shaped like the musical instrument we call a _____Kinneret/Chinnereth, harp
The level of the Sea of Galilee in relationship to the Mediterranean is appx700 feet below sea level

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The direct and straight-line linear length of the Jordan from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea is60 miles
The dimensions of the Dead Sea in statute miles is50 miles long and 13 miles wide
The Southern part of the Dead Sea, South of the Tongue or Lishan, once was known as the plain or valley of _____, and covers the area of the wicked cities of _______Siddim, Sodom and Gomorrah
The Dead Sea is the _____ spot on earth being _______ sea levellowest, 1300 or more feet below
The Dead Sea is "dead" because its high mineral content kills all fish, disallows all algae and vegetation growth, and has an inlet but no outlet
The Minerals of the Dead Sea include ______, and provides a major income from Bromides, salt, epsom, bitumen, phosphates, sulfur......fertilizers, medicines, pitch, salves, detergents

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The Valley that goes from the South end of the Dead Sea to the Red Sea at Eilat/Aqaba is known as the ______Arabah
Describe the kind of produce found in the Phillistine PlainsGrains, wheat, barley, garden vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes, egg plant, cabbage, sugar beets
Describe the produce of the ShephelahCitrus, oranges, grapefruit, lemon, avocado, pistachio, tamara-date palm, timber, grapes
Describe the produce of the Central PlateauGrapes, almonds, pomegranets, limestone, timber, cattle, dairy products, figs, olives
Describe the produce of the Central ValleysGrapes, fruits, garden vegetables, figs, olives, grains.

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The Sea of Galilee is also known as the Sea of ______, and is a major source for _________, in the Biblical times, and also for ____ and _____ crops in Israel today.Kinnereth/Tiberias, fish and transportation, water, irrigating
The area of the Transjordan north of the Yarmuk river was called Bashan
The area of the Transjordan immediately south of the Yarmuk river was calledGilead
The area of the Transjordan south of the Jabbok river was known as the territory of Ammon
The area of the Transjordan south of the Arnon valley, and north of the Zared valley, was known asMoab
The area of the Transjordan south of the Zared, and south of the Dead Sea, was known asEdom
The land of Bashan was known for raising of _____, and the phrase the ________, was frequently mentionedCattle, Akine of Bashan

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The land of Gilead was known for its ________, and, therefore, asked, "Is there no ____ in Gilead?"medicinal herbs, Balm
The lands of Ammon and Moab get their names from the descendants of ______ and his two ______ who bore him sons through their relationship of _____ after they got him _____ Lot, daughters, incest, drunk
Describe the territory of BashanRugged Plateau with much Basalt Stone, good for cattle but not for grain crops; good for apple orchards and vineyards
A tree crop produced in great abundance by modern Druze settlers of Bashan is that ofapples
The tallest mountain in the area of Bashan is normally snow-capped. It is a part of the _____ mountain range, and its specific name is Mount _____Antelebeanon, Hermon
The city at the foot of this mountain that is often mentioned in the NT isCaesarea, Philippi
The region of Mahanaim and Ramoth in Gilead is a high and flat ______ which allows for the growing of ______ cropsplateau, grain/wheat/barley

Section 8

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The mountains of Gilead are very picturesque today because they are covered with ______Trees/Pine/Fir
Ruth came from the Transjordanian territory ofMoab
Moses fought against the Ammonite King, _____ who rule at the time of ______Sihon, Heshbon
The Moabite Stele was ordered written by King _____ who resided at the time at ______Mesha, Dibhan
The city of ______, which was carved out of solid rock was mentioned in the book of Obadiah and is in the land area of _____Petra, Edom
The site of Ancient Aroer, whose king attacked Moses and the children of Israel, overlooks the deep valley of the _____ which is called the Wadi _____ todayArnon, Mojiib
Various names for the central land of the Bible narratives are ______; ______, Palestine, and _______ once more since May 14, ______Canaan, Israel, Israel, 1948

Section 9

Question Answer
One of the four rivers in the Garden of Eden is Euphrates
The name given to the land areas where human civilization began under Breasted is the _____Fertile Crescent
The flood in Noah's time was universal as evident by: 1. _____ the waters came up, remained, and aswaged; 2. _______ as they rose up over the mountains; 3 ________, whereas local floods still occur; 4. ______ in fossils, glaciers and mammoths encased in ice; 5. __________ and the need to have animals come aboard to preserve their forms of life.1. length of time 2. depth of the waters 3. Promise from God that this would not happen again 4. Geological 5. Size and Capacity of the Ark
After Noah, the populations of the earth descended through his sons, _____, _____, and _______Japheth, Ham, and Shem
Additional dispersions of people came through the variance of ______ after the attempt to build a tower to reach heaven at Babel languages

Section 10

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Abraham's original hometown was _____ of the _______Ur, Chaldees
The place where Terah died wasHaran
The town toward which Lot pitched his tent wasSodom
Why did Abraham bury Sarah in the Cave of Macpelah?Because she was dead
What is the meaning of the name Beersheba?Well of Seven
How did Beersheba get its name?Abraham dug a well and asked Abimelech of Gerar to acknowledge that it belonged to him. He gave Abimelech 7 ewe lambs as a contracted agreement. In accepting the 7 ewe lambs, Abimlech was to let Abraham's shepherds have control of the water from that well, hence the name, the well of the seven

Section 11

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On what mountain did God spare Issac by providing a Lamb/Ram?Mt. Moriah
Ishmael's descendants lived in the area to the _____ of Israel in the land of Havilah, Shur, and toward _______East, Assyria
Capital cities in the land of Edom included Teman, _____, and PetraBosrah
In the NT times, the word Edom is referred to as Idum/Idumaean
Edom means _____, and was given to Esau because of his _____red, red hair