Historical and Artistic Traditions Jacob Zaragoza

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Question Answer
Oral Historya spoken record of past events
GriotsWest African storytellers
Why were griots and their stories important in West African society?They were important because they helped keep the stories alive for the future generations.
Why may an oral history provide different information than a written account.It may be different because overtime it could be told differently and it may not be true.
Who is one writer who wrote about West Africa? One writer was al-Massudi.
How might writers views of West Africa differ from the way West Africans viewed West Africa?It may have differed because the things the West Africans did may have seemed weird to them.
What were two forms of visual art popular in West Africa?Two forms were sculptures and clothing.
Proverbsshort sayings of wisdom or truth
DausiEpic poems that tell the story of Ghana
SundiataEpic poems about the history of an empire, Mali.
Kentea hand woven brightly colored fabric
Who wrote about their region?Visitors to West African from other parts of the world wrote about the region.
Who else wrote about West Africa?Abu Ubayd al-Bakri and Leo Africanus wrote abou West Africa.
What did West Africans value?West Africans valued the arts.
What were other visual arts popular in West Africa?Dance and mask are other visual arts popular in West Africa.
When was dance preformed.?Dance was preformed for ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.
What else were West Africans famous for?They were also famous for cloth that they wove.
Who were the people that the sculptures were about?The sculptures were about the sculptors ancestors.
What did West Africa never develop?They never developed written languages.
What was the written language?Arabic was the only written language.