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Each gland composed of two parts: Parenchyma , Connective tissue stroma
Parenchyma the secretory epithelial tissue
Connective tissue stromathin whitish lines b/w cells
Connective tissue stroma functionsupport and protection
Connective tissue stroma formscapsule (dense CT) that send septa (loose reticuTlar CT) and divide the parenchyma
capsule dense CT
septaloose reticuTlar CT
CTS > septa (loose reticular CT) divide the parenchyma intolobes and lobules
Connective tissue stroma contain the blood vessels and nerves.
pituitary gland (PG) divided intoAnt. (adenohypophysis) and Post. (neurohypophysis).
posterior pituitary appearslight
posterior pituitary not containsecretory cells
posterior pituitary contains mainly an axon terminal (PN) that originate from the hypothalamus (IS).
anterior pituitary appearsdense
anterior pituitary containsepithelial cells with secretory granules
Anterior Pituitary Gland isthe secretory part bcz of that it is stained heavily
Pars Distalis containschromophiles + chromophobes
Chromophobes appearance “stain haters” so (pale)
Chromophobes areundifferentiated stem cells.
Chromophils aresecretory cells that contains secretory granules in their cytoplasm

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