Histological Stains

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Tissue stains


Question Answer
what does H&E stand for?hematoxylin & eosin
hematoxylin is (acidic/basic)basic
hematoxylin shows up in (acidic/basic) components of cell, ie theacidic; nucleus
what does hematoxylin stain? what color?nucleus; dark purple
eosin is (acidic/basic)acidic
eosin shows up in (acidic/basic) components of the cell, ie thebasic; cytoplasm
what does eosin stain? what color?cytoplasm; red/pink
H&E stains are hydro(philic/phobic) and therefore don't stain _____philic; don't stain hydrophobic material (fat)
in H&E stain, rER stains ____blue/purple
what ISN'T stained by H&E?extracellular matrix components
how to stain for ECM components?masson trichrome, PAS, or VVG
what does masson trichrome stain? what color?collagen: dark blue; nucleus: reddish-brown; cytoplasm: red
what does "trichrome" in masson trichrome refer to?3 sequential stainings: 1 iron hematoxylin (nucleus); 2 Biebrich scarlet (cytoplasm); 3 Aniline blue (collagen)
application of masson trichromedetect extent of fibrosis in disease
what does iron hematoxylin stain? what color?nucleus, reddish-brown (in masson trichrome)
what does Biebrich scarlet stain? what color?cytoplasm, red (in masson trichrome)
what does Aniline blue stain? what color?collagen, dark blue (in masson trichrome)
what does PAS stand for?Periodic Acid Schiff
what does PAS stain? what color?carbohydrate: pink (diffuse) or purple (dense); basement membrane: dark purple
application of PAS1 carbohydrate distribution; 2 observe damage to basement membranes, for example around biliary ducts; 3 glycogen storage disease; 4 goblet cells
what does VVG stand for?Verhoeff-Van Gieson
what does VVG stain? what color?elastic fibers: black; nucleus: bluish-black; collagen: red; other tissue: yellow
application of VVG1 identifying elastic fibers in tissue; 2 IDing thinning and loss of elastic fibers around blood tissue


Question Answer
H&E stains nucleus _____dark purple
H&E stains cytoplasm _____pink/red
masson trichrome stains collagen ____dark blue
masson trichrome stains nucleus ____reddish-brown
masson trichrome stains cytoplasm _____red
PAS stains diffuse carbohydrate _____pink
PAS stains dense carbohydrate _____purple
PAS stains basement membrane _____dark purple
VVG stains elastic fibers ____black
VVG stains nucleus ____bluish-black
VVG stains collagen _____red
VVG stains "other" tissue _____yellow

Microbial stains


Question Answer
two major types of stains for microbesGram, Giemsa
Gram positive bacteria stain _____purple
Gram negative bacteria stain _____pink
Gram stain binds tocell wall
Common Gram+ bacteria?Staphylococcus aureus
Common Gram- bacteria?Escherichia coli
Giemsa stains forinfectious agents in blood (e.g. Trypanasoma, plasmodium)
Giemsa stain is primarily used on what samples?blood smears (NOT tissue section)
Giemsa stains RBCs ____pale pink



Question Answer
What stain? PAS
What stain? PAS
What stain? masson trichrome
What stain? masson trichrome
What stain? VVG
What stain? Gram
What stain? Giemsa
What stain? H&E