Histo SVM Quiz 2 Part 3

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Section 32

Question Answer
Testis Capsuletunica albuginea which is covered by visceral layer of tunica vaginalis
Testis Septuli and Mediastinumseptuli testis divide testicular parenchyma into lobules of one to four seminiferous tubules; mediastinum testis contains rete testis and blood vessels
Mediastinum Testis Species Variationswell developed in ruminants, pigs and dogs, whereas poorly developed in horses


Question Answer
Seminiferous Tubules Portionsconvoluted = tubuli contorti and straight portion = tubuli recti
Three Components of Seminiferous Tubules1. basal lamina and lamina propria 2. sustentacular or sertoli cell 3. spermatogenic cells
Basal Lamina and Lamina Propria of Seminiferous Tubulessurrounded by peritubular cells responsible for tubular contraction and outer layer of fibrocytes and collagen fibrils
Sertoli Cells of Seminiferous Tubulesabundant sER, well-developed golgi, numerous mitochondria and lysosomes; join together through tight junctions to form blood-testis barrier
Function of Sertoli Cellsnutrition and protection of sprematogenic cells, phagocytosis of degenerating spermatogenic cells and residual spermatids, production of mullerian inhibitory hormone, secretion of intratubular fluid for sperm transport, blood-testis barrier