Hist. Geo. Of The Bible Exam 2. Exercises 7, 10, 12, 13

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Section 1

Question Answer
After Sarah died, Abraham married _____ from which came _____.Keturah, Midian
The Amalekites descend from Abraham through his grandson, _____.Esau
Abraham sent his servant Eleazar to Northern Mesopotamia, also known as Padan Aram, to the city of _____ to find a bride for Issac of his own kindred.Nahor
When Abraham died, Isaac remained at _____.Mamre
What was the sin of Abraham at Gerar?He lied about Sarah, saying she was only his sister/he deceived Abimelech/he placed Sarah in jeopardy for his own safety.
What is the meaning of Beersheba? and how did the name occur?It means the Well of Seven, and was given when Abraham dug a well and had Abimelech of Gerar accept the 7 ewe lambs as a token recognition that the well belonged to Abraham

Section 2

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Who was Laban?Brother to Rebekkah and Father of Rachel and Leah.
How long was Jacob to work for the right to marry Rachel?Seven years
Who was the "tripper-up" or trickster: Laban or Jacob? What is the reason for your answer?Laban. Laban gave Leah, not Rachel to Jacob; then Laban required Jacob to wait a week and then to work 7 more years in order to have Rachel; and Laban cheated Jacob "10 times" on wages owed.
Where did Esau go to live? Where is that located?Mt. Seir/Edom. South of the Dead Sea and East of the Arabah/South of the Zared/Hasa.
Where did Joseph find his shepherd brothers when he went to see how they were doing and was captured by them?Dothan

Section 3

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Who were the two brothers who spared the life of Joseph?Judah and Reuben
Where did the caravan of tradesman take Joseph?Egypt
Where is the land of Goshen?Some say in NE Egypt near Tanis; others in the Fayoum farming area; its place is not known with absolute certainty.
Joseph entered Egypt at approximately 1850BC and the Pharaoh at that time was _______Sesostris III/Senustret III
T or F? Joseph rose to power because he was a Shepherd and the Shepherd Kings known as the _____ were in power at that time.False, Hyksos
The first two years of Joseph's stay in Egypt were very difficult for him because he was accused of ________________, because he was placed _________, and because his friend who promised to remember him to the Pharaoh _____________.attempting to defile the wife of Potiphar, in a prison, forgot to do so for a long time

Section 4

Question Answer
What particular ability shown by Joseph allowed him to rise to power?The God-given ability to interpret dreams
How did Joseph preserve the people of Egypt from a national tragedy?He led them to lay in store grain during the seven years of plenty
What event brought the brothers of Joseph to Egypt?Famine in the land
What circumstances brought Jacob to Egypt?The realization that Joseph was alive and in Egypt
How many members of the family of Jacob were in Egypt after his arrival in that land?Seventy

Section 5

Question Answer
At forty years of age, Moses fled to the land of _____ on the back side of the ______.Midian, desert
Why were the children of Israel told to dwell in the land of Goshen?Because they were shepherds and the Egyptians did not like shepherds.
Who were the people who first made the children of Israel slaves in Egypt?The Hyksos
Select the correct answer: Israel was in Egypt for approximately 1.) 500 years 2.) 200 years 3.) 300 years 4.) 400 years400 years
What did the plagues prove?That the Egyptian gods were false and that the God of Israel was true.

Section 6

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When Joshua crossed the Jordan he set up camp at _____ just north of ______.Gilgal, Jericho
Because of the sin of ______ who took and hid a wedge of _____ and a Babylonian ______ in his tent, Israel lost the battle with Ai.Achan, gold, garment
Because Joshua and the Israelite leaders did not pray for wisdom from God, they were deceived by the men of _____ and made an improper covenant and alliance.Gibeon
After defeating Jericho, Bethal, and Ai, Israel was drawn into battle at the site of ______ and in the valley of ______.Gibeon, Aijalon
Joshua slew the king of Jerusalem, Adonizedek, at the cave of ______ which is located near to where Samson lived and near to where David slew GoliathMakkedah
After initial battles, Joshua and Israel resubscribed to a covenant with God at the altar built on top of Mt. _____ overlooking ancient Shechem.Ebal

Section 7

Question Answer
Battles in the Northern parts of Canaan included the massive Canaanite power that occupied ______ who engaged Israel in battle at the waters of _____.Hazor, Merom
Joshua also fought battles around the sea shaped like a harp and called _________ because of that shape.Chinnereth/Kinneret
Joshua fought battles also near to the tallest mountain in the area, Mt. ______.Hermon
Joshua's northern battles took him to the Phoenician city of ______ and the seacoastal city of _____, which is located just west of Mt. ______.Zidon, Dor, Carmel
One land area which Joshua and Israel did not conquer would be the area where lived one of the worst of their enemies during the times of the United Kingdom. That land area we know as the land of the _______. List the three powerful cities mentioned in Joshua 11:22, that were not conquered:Philistines. Gaza, Gath, Ashdod

Section 8

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List from south to north the territorial grants that were given in Transjordan: _____, whose boundary in the south was _____/_____, and in the north _____/_____; _____, whose boundary in the south was ______, and in the north _____, with the exception of a small portion that bordered the sea of _____/_____/_____; and the half tribe of ______ whose southern border was the ______, and the northern border came up to the tall Mt. of ______.Reuben, Arnon/Mojiib, Jabbok/Zarqa, Gad, Jabbok, Yarkon, Galilee/Tiberias/Kinnereth, Manasseh, Yarmuk, Hermon
While the process of dividing the land, after the initial Transjordan grants, were made at _____, the completion of the process was made from the site of _____ in the land grant of _____ and at the site where the Tabernacle would stand during the age of the Judges.Gilgal, Shiloh, Ephraim
The name of Joseph is not given among the land grants because_________________.His family received a double portion, normally given to the eldest son, but represented by the two land grants to the descendants of his sons, Ephraim and Manesseh.
The name of the Levites is not given for any of the territorial grants because __________they were given cities among all the tribes/they were not to represent the Word of God among all the tribes.
The cities of the first missionary journey of the apostle Paul are: Antioch, _____, two cities of the island of Cyprus _____ and ______, ______ in Pamphylia, ______ in Pisidia, Iconium, and ______ and _____ in Lycaonia.Seleucus, Salamis, Paphos, Perga, Antioch, Derbe, Lystra

Section 9

Question Answer
Be able to draw a map of the OT territorial grants. Be able to write the names of the territorial grants and the names of the six cities of refugePage 41
Be able to draw a map and name the NT political divisionsPage 47
Be able to draw a map and name the places of Paul's first missionary journey.Page 53
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