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Jean-Baptiste Lamark Acquired traits
Charles Darwin Natural selection
Gregor MendelGenetics, dominant and recessive traits
Herbert Spencer Social Darwinism
Francis Galton“Positive” Eugenics
Benedict MorelTreatise on Physical and Moral
Degenerationovertime human mind breaks down, induced by alc and drugs, made by Morel
Cesare LombrosoAnthropological criminology, man of genius, crminal man
Man of geniusLombroso, artistic genius is hereditary insanity
The criminal manLombroso, used darwinian them. to prove criminality is inherited
Edgar Allen Poedegenerated artistically due to drinking
Fall of the House of Usherdegeneration of family and self written by Poe
Max NordauWrote Degeneration to attack degenerate or modern art, as well as attacking urbanization
Degenerate artart that deviated from classic roman/greek, Nordau
Expressionismstaying in line withcurrent beliefs
ImpressionismNordau dismisses as visual derrangments, did not conform to current standards
Dadaism (Zionist)Dada artists opposed modern standards of art, seen as communist and antijewish
Entartete KUnstDegenerate art in german, auction featured at munich museum, Nazis opposed it
Ernest BarlachOpposed war and created expressionist art
Emil NoldeExpressionist, Nazi supporter until they labeled his art as degenerate
Franz MarcGerman expressionist painter/printmaker
"Race suicide"Roosevelt, if white women didn't birth as fast as minorities then whites would loose power
Fitter Family ContestParticipants submitted med history and ranked based on if they could produce ideal family
Sterilization Laws 1920s and 30sLaws advocated that criminal and insane/retarded must be sterilized
Average Family winnerSame as Fitter family contest
Lebensraumadditional space needed by Nazis for national survival
Aryan Master RaceWhite caucasians are considered superior
Mein KampfHitler's book, "My struggle"
Anti-semitismHating jews
Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring (Germans 1934)Insane/retarded can't reproduce
T4 ProgramFinal solution 1940-41 70,000 mentally ill were executed


Question Answer
19th centuryopiates, morphine, used for pain and anxiety
1840Chloroform and Ether as anesthetics
1880’sCocaine introduced as a “remedy” to narcotics addiction as well as an anti-depressant
CocaineFreud advocated it as non-addicting and euphoric
HeroinAcetylated morphine, used as treatment for opium addicts and cough suppressant Late 1800s early 1900s
Thorazinefirst anti-psychotic, France, 1952
Iproniazid1952 Healed Tuberculosis lesions in lungs, Side effect: patients remarkably energized, inhibits adrenalin
Nathan Klinestudies antidepressant qualities, 1957
Ronald KuhnImipramine, 1959, Switzerland, antihistamine
Seaview Hospital NYTuberculosis hospital
Amine neurotransmittersAdrenaline norepinephrine, serotonin
Dirty drugsdrugs that bind to many different receptors, have adverse affects
MAOI's (mono amine oxidase inhibitor)first type of antidepressant developed
Selective Serotonin Re-uptake inhibitorPrevents re-uptake by presynapse, treats depression
Eli Lilly, Bryan Molloy, David Wongdesigner drug – Prozac, 1987


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Wagner JauregShock treatment, nobel prize, treat for malaria, insulin, and drug induced
Ugo CerlettiGenoa, 1938, electro treatment
Leucotomy1936, interrupts nerve fibers that connect thalamus and pre-frontal lobe
Egas Monizlisbon craniotomy, remove piece of skull to make opening, nobel prize 1949, shot by patient
Walter FreemanLobotomist, ice picks
James WattsFreeman's neurosurgeon
Leucotomeproper instrument for lobotomies to be used instead of freemans obitoclast
Rosemary Kennedylobotomy, daughter of president
Rose Williamslobotomy, tennessee williams sister
Thorazinemitigated surgery
1967Freemans last lobotmy, 50,000 performed
Tuskegee "Bad Blood" experimentsgave syphillis to poor southern blacks to study disease
Penicllincure for syphilis, people were treated many died
DSMCataloged affective disorders - dpression, anxiety, and mood
Borderline personalityinstability with relationships and emotions
Anorexialow eating, fear of eating
Sociopathantisocial habits
Schizophrenicparanoia, catatonia
Anxiety disordersOCD, phobias
Dissociativemultiple personality, amnesia
Antipsychmadness is a social construct to gain control
Madnessway of coping in a mad world
Ronald LaingThe divided Self, madness is a breakthrough
Michel Foucaultanti psych, madness is separate from mental illness
Soviet UnionPolitical dissidents silenced
Rosenhan experimentspsuedopatients to prove validity of psychiatry
Thomas SzaszLoves scientology, Mental vs psych illness, psych isn't science its moral like religion, thinks compulsory treatment and insanity defense are bull
Citizens Commission on human rightsphysic as human rights violation
Space operaScientology
Humansthetans, immortal souls trapped in meat bodies
Psychsinvaded earth and implanted our brains
Auditsclear the brain
Ken Keseycounter culture, hippie, LSD experiments, wrote Cuckoo's Nest
Aldous HuxleyDoors of Perception
Timothy LearyHarvard prof, tune on is activate neural equipment, tune in is interact with world around you, drop out is discovery of one's singularity


Question Answer
Sigmund FreudAustrain Jew, id/ego/superego
Joseph Breuertalk therapy, hypnosis, catharsis, protege was Freud
Anna O.afraid of water, had complications as a result of fathers illness
Hypnosisfocused attention, decreased periphery
Talk therapytreatment of issues by conversation
Catharsisreleasing strong emotions usually verbally
Libidosexual drive as a form of instinct
Pleasure principleID seek pleasure to avoid pain
Death drivetendency towards self destruction and organic
Repressionpushin a bad memory away
Resistancerefusal to accept a bad memory
Free Associationbecoming aware of unconscious thought
Transferenceproject feelings onto another person, such as the doctor
Dreamswish fulfillment, latent - underlying meaning vs. manifest - actual dream meaning
Asceticismrefusal (to eat)
Displacementinstead of yelling at boss, yell at those below you
Projectioncalling other people liars, when you in fact are a liar
Regressionreverting to stage of life of traumatic event
Erotic developmentoral - cigarette, pen in mouth, trauma occurred during mouthing phase
analtoddle trauma, not having self control or being a control freak
genitalreach sexual maturity
Oedipus complexresentment towards parents
Sublimationtaking instinctive drives and building them into culture
History and Psychoanalysisthroughout sublimation is increasing
"Civilization and its Discontents"freud, victorian culture is repressive
Freud and Religion- Athiest Freud projection and wish fulfillment oceanic – death drive
Carl JungEgo/Personal Unconscious/ Collective Unconscious
The PsycheOpposites, complex, entropy, and transcendence
Synchronicityevents that are similar but have no connection to each other

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