HIST 321 Exam 2

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Question Answer
Romulus and Remus509 BC two brother without parents. There father abandon them (threw them in the river) because he had the fear that his children will take his empire. Romulus killed brother for power
EtruscansIndo-European. Calls themselves "Rasenna". Influences Rome; art, pottery, togas, alphabet
RexLation Word for King. Also place in Rome where first kings took up residence.
Capitoline HillMost significant of the 7 hills. First Capitoline Triad- Mars, Jupiter and Quirinus
Tarqinius SuperbusFinal King of Rome. Tyrannt- took power by assassination of his predecessor, Servius Tullius
Res PublicaMeans A Public Affair- Affairs of government would belong to the people
ConsulsTwo Annually elected officals. First were Brutus and Lucretia's husband (L. Tarquinius Collantinus). Elected by Assembly
Lucretia509 BC Virtuous Roman Citizen, model for how Romans should behave -- Homemaker, Obedient, Quiet, not a Gossip, Modest. commits suicide Abolished the Monarch- Swore to never be ruled by one person again Two Consuls to which her husband was one of the first.
Battle of Veii392 BC First real victory against Etruscans. After this victory they created an arch (The Triumphal Arch)
Celtic Germanic Invasion390 BC Came from the north- beaten and kicked out. The city of Rome from 380 BC- 410 AD will not be attacked from outside invaders.
Battle of Tarentum282 BC Romans try to expel Greeks from Peninsula. General Pyrrhus wins the battle against rome however, it was so costly Greece could not win again (Pyrrhic Battle_
SPQR509-30 BC Roman Republic: The Senate and the Roman People
Senate300 men served for life. advised Consuls, made laws, elected dictators when needed
Centuriate AssemblyAny Roman citizens could be elected. Elected Consuls, declared war, served as court of appeals.
Cincinnatus458 BC Dictatorship. Ideal citzen
Citizen to state army
Carthage813 BC God Baal, sacrificed babies. Romes viewed as greedy.
Punic Wars250 BC, 240 BC-140BC Three Punic Wars, Argument of Trade route- Strait of Messenia. Battle of Zama- Fought in Carthage- drew Hannibal out of Rome. First time Rome controlled something other than Italy Creation of a Navy. We now have an Empire- need a nation standing army, taxes, who is citizen
MessinaFought over control of Straight of Messina for trade
Hamilcar BarcaLed troops to Spain in 237 BC. Hannibal's father
HannibalCrossed Alps with 40,000 men and 37 Elephants. Gruesome Journey
Quintus FabiusRoman Dictator during Punic Wars
Battle of Cannae216 BC 50,000 Romans killed. Bloodiest defeat Romans ever suffered. City of Rome threated
Scipio Africanus
Battle of Zama202 BC Scipio Africanus wanted Hannibal out of Italy. Brings navy and army to Carthage and attacks.
Cato234-149 BC “Carthago delenda est”
Macedonian Wars215-188 BC King Philip V controls Greece. A fight for indepence. Romans aided and forced Philip to return
Battle of Magnesia190 BC Romans are involved in Hellenistic cultures
Gaius Marius157-86 BC Restructured Army. Created a professional army. Loyal to General not the state
Attalus III133 BC King of Pergamum gave small region to Roman empire
The Late Republic133-30 BC No longer a simple agriculutral society, creation of large plantations, emergence of coins
Tiberius Gracchus163-132 BC Reforms- reduce large land holdings, protested power in the senate
Gaius Gracchus154-121 BC Reforms- curb inflation, extended citzenship. Pitted the Senate against the Assembly
Sulla83-79 BC Sulla had his soldiers march on Rome. The first time Roman soldiers attacked Rome. Declares himself dictator
Spartacus71 BC Slave Revolt. Crassus and Pompey two major players trying to put down the revolt Indication that not all is well in the roman empire.
Pompey106-48 BC General in Civil War. Gains popular appeal and soldiers loyality
First Triumvirate70 BC Crassus, Pompey and Julius Caesar.
Julius Caesar102-44 BC Gents. Has popular appeal but no military experience which is needed to gain power. Governor of Illyricum, Cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul
Vercingetorix52 BC Chieftain of Gallic tribe defeated at the Battle of Alesia. Single most important battle of Caesar's campaign. After this win Senate is terrified
Lacta alea est49 BC "When the Die was cast" No turning back when crossing the Rubicon.