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Punic Wars2nd (218-201). Battle of Zama (202). Carthage Navy destroyed.
Macedonian Wars(215-205) King Philip V, took over Greece
Sulla(82-79) caused Civil War, reforms government reduce assembly power, heightens senate power one term limit for consuls No general can enter Rome with men. Must disengage men

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Pompey the Great(106-48 BC) Scramble for Power with Crassus
Julius Caesar(102-44 BC) Battle of Alesia – 52 B.C., 49 BC
Octavian(63-14 AD) Division of the Empire- held west
Battle of Actium(31 BC) Marc Antony and Cleopatra

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Praetorian GuardTiberius Sejanus – Prefect of Praetorian Guard. – head of troops in Rome
Claudius(41-54) Paranoid. M. to Agrippina and poisoned so Nero could take over (54-58)
The Age of the Antonines(96-180) "Five Good Emperors" Rome reaches its max
Soldier Emperors(217-284) Barbarian invasions, economic decline, inflation. 26 Emperors- one natural death
Council of Nicea(325) Affirmed godhead. creating heretics
St. Augustine(430) City of God
Theodoric the Ostrogoth (380) decreed Christianity the state religion
Attila the Hun(434-453) March of Rome in 451
Romulus Augustus Odoacer removed Romulus Augustus (Boy emperor)- nobody replaces him- termed the year Rome fell.
Clovis(481-511) Clovis marries Clatilda (Chrisitian). Church uses his marriage to baptize him. Merovingian Dynasty emerges

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Muhammad(571-632) Story of Abraham and Sara. Hagar the slave has Abraham's son, named Ishmael. Arabs are decedents of Ishmael- Jew of Isaac
Five Pillars of IslamProfession of Faiths; pray 5 times; Alms; fasting; pilgrimage to Mecca
Umayyad(661-750) Sunnite Caliphate- leadership belongs by merit, not by bloodline from Muhammad. Under the Umayyad there was a massive spread of Islam. Not even one hundred years and Islam has spread to the north Africa and Spain
ShiiteMinority, Majority in Iran
Sunnitethe Umayyad followers

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Battle of Tours(732) Martel pushes Muslims back from France
Charles Martel(714-741) Carolingian Dynasty
Alcuin of YorkFrom England- found by Charlemage to spread education across his empire
CharemagneSon of Pepin the Short- Crusade in Spain- Crowned by Pope Leo III (Christmas, 800)
VikingsNew invader, guerrila styl warfare weakened central powers
Pope Gregory the Great(590-603) sent Augustine to England, preserve education. took on poltical responsibility because no one else would do it
St. Benedict(480-547) est. Monastic movements
FeudalismPoltical/ Military- based on land ownership. Labor service (serdom)
Scholasticismtwo schools of thought: Realist- Universals are real. Nominalism- Individual thins are real, universals come after the things
St. Thomas Aquinas(1224-74) No conflict between faith and reason.

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Pope Urban II(1088-99) The Crusades purposes: Free Jerusalem; unite east and western churches; stop feudal warfare
The First Crusade(1096-99) Response from Emperor Comnenus- Jerusalem captured
The Fourth Crusade(1202-1204) The Merchants Crusade (Pope Innocent III, Zara) Sack of Constantiople
Children’s Crusade(1212) Stephen of Cloyes. Brings thousands of youth to Holy land- never make it
Hugh Capet(987) Capetian Dynasty- Louis VII marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. Henry II
Pope Boniface VIII
Babylonian Captivity of the ChurchUnam Sanctam- self-declaration of sole power- Philip IV takes clergy-blackmails Pope- Pope is exile. Philip appoints Clement V as next Pope. Moves papcy to Avigon
The Great Schism(1378-1417) Time of Two popes. Council of Constance denounces 2 popers, elects another, Martin V. 3 Popes

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Philip IV of France(1328) Capetian Dynasty ended. Edward III was a sister to the last Capetian Kings- Edward claims throne to France
Edward IIINobles will not allow him to be King- claim Salic Law. Philip VI chosen as King- Peasant revolts w. Wat Tyler
Treaty of Troyes(1420) Charles VI and Henry V. Henry Vi claimed king but Chalres VII will not allow. Battle of Agincourt (1415)
Joan of Arc (1429) Led forces at Orleans. Tried for witchcraft in 1431
Hundred Year’s WarEnglish monarchy claimed French throne until 1801
War of the Roses HenryTudor (Lancaster) vs Richard III. Bosworth (1485)