HIST 1301 Ch 16 & 17 and FINAL EXAM

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Section 1

Question Answer
The Confederacy formed after Lincolns election but before his _____________inauguration
In the _________ ______________ crisis Lincoln decided to send non-military aid to the fortFort sumter
____________ with little experience was a great war leader while _________ with lots of experience proved disappointingLincoln, Davis
The term _____________ referred to democrats who wanted to negotiate peace with the South and let them stay awayCopperheads
Passage of the ________________ _________________ made it clear that ending slavery was now a war aimEmancipation Proclamation
An ever present problem for the confederacy was the acceptance of _________ __________State sovereignty
Lincoln chose ______________ ______________ as VP in 1864 in order to attract any and all men who wanted the union back together Andrew Johnson
Shermans march to the sea was an example of _______________________________.scorched earth military maneuvers
Higher prices and taxes caused working mens income to fall during civil ware in spite booming _____________________Industrial production
Lincoln sometimes expressed his frustration with General McClellan's raising and training of a superb army but being ________________reluctant to fight with it
The South expected __________ __________ to be the decisive need to bring them european support. was it?"King Cotton" and no
In 1864 __________________ took command of the eastern theater and began the slow sweep to RichmondGeneral Grant
President _________________ believed that states had no constitutional rights to secede NOR did the National Govt have the constitutional right to forcibly bring them backBuchanan
Lincoln understood the primary objective of the union armies was to destroy Southern ____________ and capture southern _________________armies; territories
Committee on the conduct of war was an interference and irritation to ________________Lincolns war efforts
The ____ in Lincolns plan referred to how many men had to take the loyalty oath10%
Many Confederate leaders wouldve lost their right to vote if the _____________ bill had passedWade-Davis
One part of the _____ Amendment defined citizenship- everyone born in US is considered a citizen.14th
The ___________________________ plan for reconstruction included black suffrage and put military forces in the SouthRadical Republicans
No black was elected governor during __________________reconstruction
After emancipation most blacks ended up working the land as ________________sharecroppers
By the late 1800s the 1866 goals of ______________________ ________________ had been abandoned and the south was back to things they had been regarding state politics and governance Congressional Reconstruction
To reaffirm white superiority after the civil war southern states introduced racial segregation enforced by local laws known as _________________Jim Crow Laws
Immediately after the Civil War Southern States passed laws called _________ _________ to keep blacks laboring on the lands Black Codes

Section 2

Question Answer
The _________________ exchange, involved trading of many goods, people, diseases between the new world and europeColombian
The chief crop of Virginia was ___________.tobacco
The ________________ of American Patriots to simply outlast the British won the Revolutionary War for the USdetermination
__________ willingness or unwillingness to trade with the Aztecs had nothing to do with his conquest of themCortes'
Puritans who founded Massachusetts refered to their settlement as a ___________________ They wanted it to be a model holy community and set and example for the world city upon a hill
In writing the Declaration of Independence Jefferson used goodly influence from _____________ and ideas of natural rightsJohn Locke
The ______________________ allowed southern states to 3 out of 5 slaves for population in figuring number of House of RepresentativesThree fifths compromise
The delegates to the _________________ ______________ were in favor of a stronger National Govt by a heavy majority Constitutional Convention
The Anti-Federalists by contrast, wanted a _________ __________ government with a mostly _____________ economymoderate central gov, agricultural economy
_______________ purchase of Louisiana doubled the US sizeJeffersons
The ______________________ stopped european nations to colonize in the western hemisphereMonroe Doctorine
The ________________ was a major development in Andrew Jacksons presidencyIndian removal policy
In the Missouri Compromise of 1820 - All territory above the 36 30 parallel in the Louisiana Purchase were to be __________________ except Missouri Slave Free
The right of _______________ as set by Marshall in Marbury v Madison - meant the judiciary branch could rule on the constitutionality of a lawjudicial review
The _______________ allowed slave holders to take their slaves anywhere in the USDred Scott decision
President _________ tried to buy California from Mexico in order to build ports all along the Pacific OceanPolk
The ______________ were forced to move to _____________ in the 1830s because they owned land southern farmers wantedCherokees; Oklahoma
The first important womens rights convention was held in ______________Seneca Falls, NY
_________________________ did NOT advocate for the Westward Expansion of slaveryWilliam Lloyd Garrison
_________________ of 1833 gave President Jackson the authority to use Force, if necessary, to send troops into south carolina should it try to secede The force bill
The fighting between pro slavery and anti slavery groups in Kansas was known as _____________bleeding kansas
The ___________________________ freed slaves in confederate states in rebellionEmancipation Proclamation
Early in the reconstruction period - Blacks were given full _____________ rights and an experiment in bi-racial government instituted political
The ________________ settled the problem of secessionCivil War

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