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fractures happen when bonesabsorb tension, compression, or too much force
medical mgt for fracturespain management: joint protection and body mechanics
ORIF stands foropen reduction internal fixation--align bone and put pins in
ORIF weight bearingrestrited
NWBno weight at all
TTWBtoe touch
PWBpartial weight-50% body weight
WBATjudge how much they can
FWB100% weight
therapy out of bed activities can start when1-3 days
may have weight bearing restrictions for how many week6-8
bipolar arthoplasty/hemiarthoplastysevere displacement and poor blood supply

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posterolateral approach precautionsno hip flex, no IR, no ADD (crossing legs or feet)
anterolateral approachNo EXT, no ER, NO ADD (crossing leg/feet)
interochanteric fracturecaused by falls, ORIF
Interochanteric facture restrictions4-6 months
subtrochanteric fracturesless than 60 years old; skeletal traction or ORIF
out of bed activities addresssupports, dressing, precautions
Intertrochanteric fracture affectsolder females
femoral neck fracture more common in60+/women
subtrochanteric most common inunder 60

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LE replacements that are voluntarytotoal hip replacement/total knee replacement
total hip definitionremove/replace head of femur and acetabulum
precaution for total hip lasts..6-12 weeks
total knee replacement cemented/noncementedWBAT, NWB initially
complications for Totalsinfection, DVT...rare: breakage and nerve injury
bed mobilityabduction wedge in supine; no ADD pas midline
sittingno rotation to wipe, do not reach foward

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minimally invasive knee, the OTA should have themencourage knee flexion
cries easily should have the familybring familiar objects from home
sexual activitysuggest positions that are applicable and provide written info and diagrams
while getting out of bed, OTA should recommendusing leg lifter and practicing on non affected
receiving LE dressing have ptplace pants over affected leg first
Total knee bathing techniquesuse shower bench and avoid turning
toilet recommendationcommode
refuses to wear hoiseryexplain its necessary to preven edema and assist with circulation
educational properative class is forrelieving anxiety and fear, empower, and decrease stay
sleep on what side for posterolaterallie on his operated side
sleep on backuse abduction wedge