Hip+Thigh Posterior Compartment

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Question Answer
Gluteus Maximus: Odorsal ilium, coccyx, sacrum
Gluteus Maximus: Igluteal tuberosity
Gluteus Maximus: Aextends, abducts, laterally rotates thigh
Gluteus Medius: Aabducts and medially rotates thigh
Quadratus Femoris: Oischial tuberosity
Quadratus Femoris: Iintertrochanteric crest
Quadratus Femoris: Aadducts, laterally rotates thigh
(Hamst.) Biceps Femoris (long head): Oischial tuberosity
(Hamst.) Biceps Femoris (short head): Olinea aspera
(Hamst.) Biceps Femoris: Ihead of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia
(Hamst.) Biceps Femoris: Aextend thigh, flex knee
(Hamst.) Semitendonosus: Oischial tuberosity
(Hamst.) Semitendonosus: Isuperior medial aspect of tibia
(Hamst.) Semitendonosus :Aextends thigh, flexes knee
(Hamst.) Semimembranosus: Oischial tuberosity
(Hamst.) Semimembranosus: Imedial condyle of tibia
(Hamst.) Semimembranosus: Aextends thigh, flexes knee
Gastrocnemius: Omedial + lateral condyles of femur
Gastrocnemius: Icalcaneus (via calcaneal tendon)
Gastrocnemius: Aplantar flexes foot, flexes knee

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