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The name of the government agency that has led the development of basic data sets for health records and computer databases is the:National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
Minimum data set in healthcare are developed to:Define reportable data for federally funded programs
Data that are collected from individual records and then combined are referred to as:Aggregate data
The inpatient data set that has been incorporated into federal law and is required for Medicare reporting is the:Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
Both HEDIS and the Joint Commission's ORYX program are designed to collect data to be used for:Performance improvement programs
Critique this statement: The continuity care record contains only current clinical informationThis is a false statement as the CCR contains both current and past information.
Standardizing medical terminology to avoid differences in naming various medical conditions and procedures (such as the synonyms bunionectomy, McBride procedure, and repair of hallus valgus) is one purpose of:Vocabulary standards
The federal law that directed the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop healthcare standards governing electronic data interchange and data security is the:Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
A key technology tool for enabling data is:Extensible markup language
Most healthcare informatics standards have been implemented by:Consensus
Which database must a healthcare facility query as part of the credentialing process when a physician initially applies for medical staff privileges?NPDB

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A critical early step in designing an EHR is to develop a ______ in which the characteristics of each data element are defined.Data dictionary
According to the UHDDS definition, ethnicity should be recorded on a patient record as:Hispanic, non-Hispanic, unknown
Mary Smith, RHIA has been asked to work on the development of a hospital trauma data registry. Which of the following data sets would be most helpful in developing this registry?DEEDS
While the focus of inpatient data collection is on the principal diagnosis, the focus of outpatient data collection is on:Reason for encounter
In long term care, the resident’s care plan is based on data collected in the:MDS Version 3.0
Reimbursement for home health services in dependent of data collected from:OASIS
A consumer interested in comparing the performance of health plans should review data from:HEDIS
HEDIS is designed to collect:Administrative, claims, and health record review data
Each of the three dimensions (personal, provider, community) of information defined by the National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) contains specific recommendations for:Core data elements
A statewide cancer surveillance system is an example of which of the NHII dimensions?Community
Vital statistics include data on:Births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces

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Providers and health plans need to share information. What standard must they use?X12N
A radiology department is planning to develop a remote clinic and plans to transmit images for diagnostic purposes. The most important standards to implement in order to transmit images is:DICOM
I work for an outpatient surgery center. What data set should I use?Uniform Ambulatory Care Data Set
Laboratory data is successfully transmitted back and forth from Community Hospital to three local physician clinics. This successful transmission is dependent on which of the following standards?LOINC
As many private and public standards groups promulgate health informatics standards, the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology has been given responsibility for:harmonization of standards from multiple sources
Which of the following indexes and databases includes patient-identifiable information?Master patient/population index
Which of the following is an external user of data?Public health department
Review of disease indexes, pathology reports, and radiation therapy reports is part of which function in the cancer registry?Case-finding
What is the information identifying the patient (such as name, health record number, address, and telephone number) called?Demographic data
Cancer registries receive approval as part of the facility cancer program from which of the following agencies?American College of Surgeons
The Medicare Provider Analysis and Review file is made up of:Medicare claims from acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities

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Which national database includes data on all discharged patients regardless of payer?Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project
Two clerks are abstracting data for a registry. When their work is checked, discrepancies are found. Which data quality component is lacking?Reliability
What does an audit trail check for?Unauthorized access to a system
Which law requires the reporting of deaths and severe complications due to devices?Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990
Which of the following is a database from the National Health Care Survey that uses the patient health record as a data source?National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
Which of the following contains a list maintained in diagnosis code number order of patients discharged from a facility during a particular time period?Disease index
Which of the following contains a list maintained in procedure code number order of patients discharged from a facility during a particular time period?Operation index
Which of the following is a collection of secondary data related to patients with a specific diagnosis, condition, or procedures?Disease registry
Case finding is a method used to:Identify patients who have been seen or treated in a facility for a particular disease or condition for inclusion in a registry
In a cancer registry, the accession number:Is the number assigned to each case as it is entered into a cancer registry
A population-based registry:Includes information from more than one facility in a particular geopolitical area, such as a state or region
Which of the following is made up of claims data from Medicare claims submitted by acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities?MEDPAR

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