HIM 249 Test 2 Part 2

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*What are ergonomics?It is a study of work and space and pertains to worker productivity.
What are some consequences of poorly designed work space?Adjust the desk, chair, monitor and keyboard to the height of each user - provide chairs with good lumbar support - position computer monitors just below eye level - Use wrist supports to avoid repetitive stress injuries - break up repetitive motion with other activities
**Work patternsLook at patterns of repetition, used to analyze pattern of how work is done within the organization and department. (how much time is spent on the telephone, computer, doing paperwork, or talking with neighbors and visitors.
*Staffing analysis ______Making the most efficient and effective mix of staff and also looking at who is doing what.
Staffing analysis looks atwho is doing what, is the organization managing its regular staff and overtime costs, taking advantage of economies of scale, appropriate number of staff to meet policy objectives.
Quality improvmenet is important and allows us tomake decisions based on statistics and data. it is broken down by problem identification and process redesign
*Change management is the keyto making improvements happen.
** (Know at least one or two of these) Key things to put change management into placeLearn new skill, and solve new problems - Measuring and celebrating success - Being available to listen to staff by asking questions to understand staff's anxieties and concerns - Holding on to the vision - Continuing to delegate - Become a change agent by demonstrating a willingness to investigate new ideas,
*In the staffing tool "Job/Position Descriptions", it is used to _____Recruit & explain the position and what the work requirements are.

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*Strategic planning generally deals with _____the organization's long-term approach to the future. In most healthcare organizations'it applies to activities over at least a five-year period.
Strategic planning is concerned primarily with _______how the organization will respond to changes in its external environment in the foreseeable future. These plans take into account environmental factors, which include changes in the organization's external business climate, its competitive status, and/or the broader social and political climate in which it operates. It is an ongoing activity.
*What is environmental assessment?External - a collection of information about changes that have occurred in the healthcare industry as well as the broader U.S. economy during a specified time period; internal - a collection of information about changes that have occurred within an organization during a specified time period.
*The 10 steps are how organizations look at _____long term goals in strategic planning
SWOT stands for _____Strenths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats
If given example of SWOT, what would be an example?at our hospital we do not have the devenchie robot to help us it would be a weakness
*An operational plan is a ____shorter more defined plan than a strategic plan and it is very goal oriented
Tools for caring out operational plan -1. budget (primary tool for financial control)
*Budget can be broken down into two categories -revenues and expenses
*Types of costs include ____fixed costs and variable costs (materials other employees salaries, per item purchases) Can also be broken down by direct cots and indirect costs

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Examples of indirect costs might be _____housekeeping, heating and AC
Strategic planning is concerned primarily with ________how the organization will respond in the foreseeable future to changes in its long-range goals.
*Budget assumptions may include ____estimation of how revenues will increase or decrease
*Financial control ismonitoring ongoing expenses and revenues and is an important management responsibility
In purchasing supply management is _____a great way to control overall costs to make sure we get the best price
**Why is Inventory control important?Must have enough supplies to keep the things working but not to many supplies that will go to waste
**In staffing tools the general rule of thumb for FTEs (Full Time Equivalents) are _____ and work schedules may be _____.2080 hours a year , standard (40 hours a week x 52 weeks), compressed (4 days a week for 10 hours a day), or flextime (variable shifts in a 5 day work week).
What are staffing tools?Job/position descriptions to help us recruit and explain the position, what the work requirements are - General rule of thumb is FTEs are 2080 hours a year - Work schedules may be standard, compressed work week, or flextime - position descriptions allows recruitment and interviewing phase to explain the work to prospective candidates - Performance and practice standards (what is expected of an employee to do in the amount of work and quality of work) There is a science behind this i.e benchmarking etc -
*Workflow analysis is ______performed to streamline and maximize resources by breaking down the process into its component parts (don't want anything to bottle-neck the flow of the process)
*Ergonomics is thescientific study of work and space and how it pertains to worker productivity.

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Work patterns are ______when applied to the work setting, it becomes the pattern of how work is done within the organization and department
Why is change management a really big deal?It is needed in order to make change happen and needs to involve everybody
This is used to guide and carry out the objectives of an organizations strategic plan.Operational plan
Together with inventory control and supplier relationships, what is an element of supply management?Effective purchasing.
Strategic planning is primarily concerned with:how the organization will respond to changes in its external environment in the foreseeable future.
These are steps in strategic planning.Developing or revising the values statement - Developing specific action steps for the upcoming year - Officially documenting the board’s approval
Within an organization it is the supervisor's role to determine ___.How the work will be accomplished by the team.
A new hospital is opening near our hospital. This event would likely be represent in a SWOT analysis as a:Threat
Change management includes:Being available to listen to staff
Before beginning to budget at the department level, it is important to understand what the organization's ______ are.budget assumptions
The employee evaluation for coders specifies that coders are expected to code at least 28 inpatient charts per day. This is an example of a:performance standard

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