HIM 249 Chap 18 Test 1 Part 3

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Section 1

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Managers are held responsible for handlingthe organization’s resources
The practice of management is:Influenced by the context of the organization
*Systems thinking is:an objective way of looking at ideas and processes
An organizational chart is:A graphic representation of the organization’s formal structure.
The mission statement is:updated regularly as part of the strategic planning process (usually annually)
Supervisory managers are primarily responsible for:Monitoring everyday performance
Developing, implementing, and revising the organization’s policies is the role of:Middle managers
Ultimate responsibility for the operation of healthcare organizations lies with:The board of directors
Planning, organizing, controlling, decision making, and leadership are the functions of:Management
Strategic planning is primarily concerned with:How the organization will respond to changes in the environment

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Within an organization it is the supervisor’s role to determine:How the work will be accomplished by the team
In modern management theory, control is most important when applied to:Processes and other resources
The director of the department is Bob. Sally, the coding supervisor and five other supervisors, report to Bob. Tim and 10 other coders report to Sally. This describes what management concept?Chain of command
Strengthening others by sharing information and power is a characteristic of:Leadership
A summary of the position, a list of duties, and the qualifications required to perform the job are all elements of a(n):Position description
Performance standards are used to:Communicate performance expectations
Position descriptions, policies and procedures, training checklists, and performance standards are all examples of:Human resource tools
Procedures should be complete enough so that:Anyone generally competent for that position can perform the task
What are the organizational tools of a organization?(1) Mission statement; (2) Vision statement; (3) Values statement (4) Policies and Procedures
What is systems thinking?An objective way of looking at work-related ideas and process with the goal of allowing people to uncover ineffective patterns of behavior and thinking and then finding ways to make lasting improvements
What is a Mission Statement?A short description of an organization's or group's general purpose for existing
What is a Vision Statement?A short description of an organization's ideal future state

Section 3

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What are policies?a clearly stated and comprehensive statement that establishes the parameters for decision making and actions.
What is Forming?Team members are brought together to form a group
What are proceduresinstructions that ensure high-quality, consistent outcomes for tasks done, especially when more than one person is involved.
What is Storming?Team members try to assert and assess their roles within the group.
What is Norming?Everyone knows there role
What is performing?Work successfully on the team goals
The staff workgroup that I am on has a multidisciplinary make-up. The purpose of the workgroup is on going. What kind of workgroup is this?Standing Committee
In developing the organization's strategic plan, the organization's board of directors works with the:Executive management team
Which of the following occurs when a supervisor delegates authority? (1) Decreases need for performance standards (2) Reduces the delay in decision making (3) Eliminates monitoring turnover (4) Limits staff capabilitiesReduces the delay in decision making
The term that defines the right of a leader to make decision isAuthority
What tool might be used to analyze the best method to complete a processProcedure
What organizational tool is used to state the parameters that employees should use when making decision?Policy

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