HIM 249 Chap 18 Test 1 Part 1

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OrganizationA planned coordination of the activities of more than one person for the achievement of a common purpose or goal.
*Hierarchyan arrangement of positions where one is either above, below, or at the same level as another position. Of authority and responsibility.
Humans are social creatures biologically designed to live _____within groups of their own kind
*What are the two types of groups?Informal – (friendships, families and social clubs), Formal – (Businesses, educational institutions, and national governments)
*What are the two types of organizational structure traditional views?Hierarchical - Bureaucracy
*HierarchicalBased on levels of decision-making authority.
*BureaucracyA formal organization with employees that are assigned specific ranks are based on levels of technical expertise.
In a traditional chain-of-command structure _____One manager oversees the work of many employees, but each employee is accountable to only one boss.
*Systems thinking is an objective way of looking at _____work-related ideas and processes.

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Both hierarchies and bureaucracies depend on ____Authoritarian chains of command
Three basic levels of managementSupervisory management, middle management, executive management
**First level of managementSupervisory management (work in small functional workgroups or teams 2-10) in general perform organization's daily work.
Supervisory managers job isOversee daily work, create work schedules, monitor quality of work and productivity of staff. Also big roll in staff training and recruitment
**Second level of managementMiddle Management (Monitor and Coordinate it's ongoing activities)
What is the number one investment an organization will make?Labor costs (it's employees)
**Middle management is concerned primarily with ____facilitating the work performed by supervisory & staff-level personnel as well as reporting to executive leaders
Middle management responsibilities include ____Developing, implementing and revising the organizations policies procedures under the direction of executive managers - Executing the organizational plans developed at the board & executive levels - Providing the operational information that executives need to develop meaningful plans for the organization's future
** Middle managers oversee ____operations of a broader scope in their work as managers or assistant managers of departments or disciplinary functions.
**Third level of managementExecutive Management & Governance of the organization (Board of governors, Board of Trustees, Board of Directors)

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**What are the 2 main entities of the Executive management?Higher level Executive managers (employees hired by the organization or board), - Board of governors / Board of trustees / Board of directors (The name and structure of the board depends on the profit-making status of the organization, among other factors. i.e. for profit or not for profit)
**What is the role of the executive managersPrimarily responsible for setting the organization's future direction and establishing its strategic plan
**Executive Management and Governance works to ensure that the organization uses its ____assets wisely, fulfills its current mission, and works toward achieving a meaningful vision for the future.
The board is the final authority in setting theorganization's strategic direction, mission & vision, and general philosophy and ethical base
The board consists of a chairperson and 10 to 20 board members and may include:Federal,, state & local governments, investor groups, educational institutions, & religious organizations
Teams & committees are put into place to ___oversee any type of functions, problems, issues, set policy, or solve problems
A standing committee is ____a group of members that come together to oversee any type of ongoing and cross-functional issues, i.e. problems quality improvement etc.(They serve on the committee for an appointed time, usually 1 to 3 years)
An ad hoc committee is ____formed to address a more specific issue and generally disband when their work is completed. (Teams may be cross-departmental or may be formed within a single department) Composed of people who are in the best postion to contribute to the charge & communicate the outcome.
*What are the 2 types of committees?A standing committee - An ad hoc committee
Together Policies and Procedures do what?Spell out what the organization expects employees to do and how they are expected to do it.

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What are policies?A clearly stated and comprehensive statement that establishes the parameters for decision making and action. (Written descriptions of the organization's formal positions).
What are procedures?A guide to action that describes how work is done and how policies are carried out. They are instructions that ensure high-quality, consistent outcomes for tasks done, especially when more than one person is involved. (The approved methods for implementing the organizations formal policy positions).
What is an organizational chartA graphic representation of the organization's formal structure. It shows the organization's activities and specific members or categories of members assigned to carry them out.
What does a solid line in an organizational chart represent?A direct reporting relationship
What is the goal of the organizational chart?To show the reporting relationships between individuals and groups of employees
What does a broken line represent in an organizational chart?It indicates an indirect reporting relationalship
What is a mission statement?A short description of the general purpose of an organization or group; * it explains why the organization exists - exp. Sentara mission statement is - We improve health every day (A realistic expression of what the organization actually does at the current time)
What is a vision statement?A short description of the organization's ideal future state. (An idealistic portrayal of what the organization would like to become sometime in the future).
What is a values statement?It provides a way to support the type of behavior the organization wishes to encourage among its members. (exp. We value People, Quality, Patient Safety, Service and Integrity)
What are the three types of statements?Mission, Vision, Values

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How often should procedures be reviewed?At least annually or when the job itself has changed.
Before I can submit a proposal to a vendor to purchase a new piece of equipment for my department, I need to get it approved. After completion, I give it to my director who reviews and routes it to the vice president. The vice president approves and routes it to the CEO. This movement up the organization's hierarchy is called ___Chain of command
My job requires me to code as well as perform supervisory functions. I am considered what management level?Supervisory
The staff workgroup that I am on has a multidisciplinary make-up. The purpose of the workgroup is ongoing. What is this type of workgroup?Standing committee
What organizational tool is used to state the parameters that employees should use when making decisions?Policy
What tool might be used to analyze the best method to complete a process?Procedure
Continuous performance and total quality management are examples of _____Industrial management theories
Systems thinking is a ____ ____ to look at work-related ideas and processes.objective way
Ultimate responsibility for the organization's operation lies with its _____Board of directors
Today's healthcare organizations are somewhat less concerned with official lines of authority, Rather, they are concerned with _____the interrelationships of workgroups and functions .

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The most important asset of any healthcare organization is _____its employees
____ and ____ usually make up most of the organization's operating budget.Staff salaries and benefits
What leads to improved performance, increased productivity, and reduced expenses.Effective team leadership and supervision of employees
**What are the three key functions that a person accepts when becoming a leader?1. authority 2. responsibility 3. accountability
**Authority gives the leader what ?the right to make decisions
**Responsibility is the duty that the leader accepts in making _____sure the goal of the team is accomplished.
**Accountability refers to the concept that the leader must acknowledge ______failure as well as the success of the team efforts.
Team Leadership is a critical factor in the _____success of any team
*A successful team facilitator provides leadership by (be able to quote at least 2 or 3)Establish specific goals & measurable objectives - Ensuring that all members of the team participate & reach consensus on the purpose - building trust among team members - Making sure all decisions and plans are consistent with the purpose and goals - functioning as a cheerleader, reminding team members of the purpose & goals, celebrating achievements, & recognizing the efforts of individual team members

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