HIM 230 test 4 Part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Data RelevancyData in the health record are useful
Data PrecisionUsed to describe expected data values
Data AccuracyData are correct
Data AccessibilityData is easily obtainable
Data ComprehensivenessAll required data elements are included in the health record
Data ConsistencyData is reliable
Data CurrencyHealthcare data should be up-to-date
Data TimelinessData recoreded at or near the time of the event or observation
Data DefinitionData and information documented in the health record are predefined
Data GranularityAttributes and values of data are defined at the correct level of detail for the intended use of the data

Section 2

Question Answer
Define Business Continuity PlanA program that incorporates policies and procedures for continuing business operations during a compter system shutdown; sometimes called "contingency and disaster planning".
Why do we have a business continuity plan (BCP)?To help business continue operation during the unexpected shutdown or disaster. It includes procedures the business can implement to restore its computer systems and resume normal operation after the disaster.
What is a breach?A violation of the law.
What is the acronym OCR?Office for Civil Rights
What is the OCR and what/how they function?The HITTECH Act under ARRA mandated improved enforcement of the Privact Rule and Security Rule. The enforce HIPPA security.
What did ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) do in general?The actions related to health information technology are spread throughout the law; the bulk of the items are in Title XIII - Health Information Technology; also called Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act or HITECH.
** List the HIPPAA Security Provisions.Technical Safeguards - Administrative Safeguards - Physical Safeguards - Organizational Requirements - Policies and procedures and documentation requirements
What is an Administrative Safeguard and give an example.Documented formal practices to manage data security measures throughout the organization. An example would be Security Awareness Training
What is a Physical Safeguard and give an example.Include protection of computer systems from natural and environmental hazards and intrusion. Workstation Security.
What is a Technical Safeguard and give an example.Provisions consist of five broad categories: Access controls, Audit Controls, Integrity Controls, Person or Entity Authentication, Transmission Security. Example Person or Entity Authentication: Requireds those accessing e-PHI must be appropriately identified and authenticated.
What are Organizational Requirements and give an example.Two standards: Business associate or other contracts - Covered Entity Responsibilities, An example of a Business Associate Contrat would be a Written Contract.
What are Policies, Procedures, and Documentation Requirments and give an example.Securities and procedures documented in written format. Entities must implement reasonable and appropriate policies and procedures to comply with HIPAA security standards, implementation specifications, and other requirments.