HIM 230 Test 3 Chapter 16 Part 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) did what?Made ONC (Office of National Coordinator) permanent (focus on EHR with PHR and HIE being key elements), 2. Meaninful use (Ability to demonstrate quality improvement thorugh use of EHR)
What are some loco efforts and challenges for EHR vendors?May not be able to keep up with demand - Meeting HL7 EHR system functional requirements - Interoperability - ICD-10-CM - Meaninful use
EHR may allow patient geerated inforamtion such as ____-Schedule appointments - Pay bills - Education material - Informed consents - Enter health history - E-visit
**AHIMA defines the PHR as ?An electrionic, universally available, lifelong resource of health information needed by individuals to make health decisions
*What are the two types of PHR?Integrated (integrated to existing EHR at healthcare facility) , Stand-alone (obtained by vendor)
PHR-System functional model defines _____?What should be in PHR
In order for hospitals or physicians to earn meaningful use, their EHR technology must be ______?Certified, Interoperable, Used in a meaninful way.
Technologies that support EHR's include ?Databases, Data storage devices, Data exchange and comparability standards , and hardward infrastructure.
The database system in use today for EHR's and other HIT are ______?Relational Database (Stores data in predefined tables that contain rows and columns similar to a spreadsheet.)
Health Level Seven (HL&) is ______Family of standards that aid exchange of data

Section 2

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What do data exchange stadards do?Allow different databases to be used together.
Data compatibility standards do what?Ensure meaning of term is consistent across users - Semantics - Semantic interoperability - Standard vocabulary - Controlled vocabulary
*A clinical warehouse is ?Database for online analytical processing.
A computer that has minimal processing capability of its own is a ?Thin client
This technology would reduce the risk that information is not accessible during a server crash.Server redundancy
A part of storage maangement that assures documents is retained about changes is called?Change control
What form of database does online analytical processing typically require?Relational database
What are the two main types of Architecture that refers to the configuration, structure, and relationships of all components of a computer system are?Client/server (C/S) Architecture (Uses a combination of computers to capture and process data), and Web Services Architecture (WSA) utilizes web-based tolls to permit communitcation among different softward applications.

Section 3

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Purpose of this message format standard: ASC X12 (American Standards Committee X12)Provides Electronis data interchange (EDI) for hospital, professional, and dental claims
Purpose of this message format standardHL7 (Health Level 7)Data Exchange
Purpose of this vocatulary standard: RxNormClinical drug names
Purpose of this message format standard: DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)Exchange Clinical Images (e-rays, CT scans etc).
Purpose of this vocatulary standard: NDC (National Drug Codes)Drug inventories in Pharmacies, or Current Procedrual Terminology (CPT) used to code physician services for reimbursement.
Standard vocabulary are _____?Controlled vocabularies, but are not owned and managed by only one vendor. They help assure common meaning within a given organization, clients or vendors across all users of any EHR
Why is it important to have message format standards in healthcare?There are so many different systems used, and not all vendors are good about adopting message format standards.
List some characteristics of Data Quality.Accuracy - Accessibility - Consistency - Comprehensiveness - Definition - Timeliness - Relevancy
An EHR depends on data that are ______complete and acrruate to function appropriately.
SNOMED was developed by ________ maintained by _______ and available in the US through _______College of American Pathologists , the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization, National Library of Medicine license

Section 4

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The data quality management model depends on _____?Analysis - Application - Collection - Warehousing
Determining an orgaization's readiness for EHR is _____-Essential for every organization to ensure that everyone from top management down is prepared for the level of change.
This is a plan to provide access to content of previous visit information in an EHR?Chart conversion
A strategic plan that identifies applciations, technology, and operational elements needed for the overall information technology program in a healthcare organization is _____?Migration Path
This makes data entry easier but may harm data quality?Copy and past
Potential problems with reuse of data in an EHR are ______Correcting entries, Documentation compliance, Privacy
NLM has mapped SNOMED to ?ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM
*Vocabulary is ______A set of all terms that may be used in a language.
*Classification is _________A grouping of the terms into various categories
*Electronic Document/Content Management does what?Tage content within a document and Enables data to be processed separately from document.

Section 5

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Enterprise Report Management captures ______data from print files and other digital documents such as e-mail (stores them for viewing)
Results retrieval and management technology does what?Accesses test results (one type or multiple, i.e. lab, radiology etc), manipulates data (i.e. graphing test results), Screen layout can be customized to user's preference, Uses color - animation - icons and sound.
Data Capture Technology does what?Make data capture easier (i.e. Discrete data entry through drop down menues, structured templates), Speech and handwriting recognition, Handheld and wireless devices, Patient data entry.
Clinical Decition Support addresses _______Patient safety, Healthcare Quality Improvement issues and Preventive Care.
What are the two main types of Architecture for System Communications and Networks?Client/Server Architecture and Web Services Architecture
System Communication and Networks Architecture does what?Configuration, struture and relationships of all components of a computer system
What are the 3 System Communication and Network devices?Local Area network (LAN), Wireless local area networks (Radio frequency identification), Wide area networks
Name two network protocols:Ethernet , TCP/IP
Intranet and Extranet areSystem Communication and Networks
In Storage Technology a storage device is ______A machine that contains nothing but storage media

Section 6

Question Answer
List some benefits of EHR Implementation.Primary benefit is Quality of patient safety. Benefits give financial payback (Impact of staff, reduce repetitive tests, Improve charge capture, storage of paper charts),
What are some EHR Implementation Issues?May need staff trained in health informatics, Very time comsuming, Adoption, Patient's concern for privacy and security, legan and regulatory matters
EHR planning includes?Organizing the project - EHR steering committee - Staff required - Migration path
EHR selection should _____Best of fit - Dual core - Best of breed - Rip and replace - Request for proposal
EHR Implemntation Activities Strategies, Issues Management, Plan, Effecting charg converstion and Data conversion, Establish technical infrastruture, Testing, Training, Maintenance and Improvement
List some new rols for HIM professionalsData analysts - Data miners - Data security managers - Database Administrators
Regarding confidentialty and privacy EHR providesAuthentication - Access controls - Audit logs
HIPAA/HITECH Privacy and Security Requirements ____Encryption - Breach notification requirment - Individual privacy rights - Policies and procedures on uses and disclosures
HITECH makes business associats what?More accountable for privacy and security regulations