HIM 215 Test 3

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Section 1

Question Answer
InvasiveProcedures that involve entry into the body
NoninvasiveProcedures that do not break skin
Electrophysiology (EPS)Study of electrical system of heart
PericardiocentesisPercutaneous withdrawal of fluid from pericardial space
Pacemaker or Implantable Defibrillator are divided ___?where electrodes (leads) placed, approach, and type of service
What are the two Pacemaker or Implantable Defibrillator approachs?Epicardial and Transvenous
Epicardial approach is ?Open procedure to place on heart
Transvenous approach is ?Through vein to place in heart
Nonselective catheters _____ Direct placement without further manipulation
Selective catheters _____Place and then manipulate into further order(s)
On what is coding of catheter placement based? Where the catheter starts and where it ends
A diagnostic colonoscopy is an endoscopic examination of the colon from rectum to __________. cecum

Section 2

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These are like a tree?Vascular Families
Aneurysmballooned or weakened area of vessel
Endovascular repair from inside vessel (Insertion of catheter done inside the vessel) percutaneous repair
Directfrom outside vessel (Must cut into the vessel to do the repair) Open repair
Used to identify cardiac arrhythmiasHolter Report
Supervision and interpretation codes for angiography are located where in the CPT manual?Radiology
This type of cardiology is entering the body to make a correction or for examination?Invasive
What is selective placement?a catheter that is inserted into an artery and manipulated into a further order?
The ____ manufactures most blood cells.?Bone Marrow
What word describes a lymphadenectomy in which only the lymph nodes are removed?Limited
Name three uses of the spleen.Initiates immune response, Filters and removes bacteria from the bloodstream.
To choose the correct endoscopy, identify the __________furthest extent

Section 3

Question Answer
This liver procedure usually requires a team of physicians. liver transplant
What is the term for removal of a testis? orchiectomy
This procedure is done to decompress the renal system by means of the insertion of a catheter into the kidney while leaving the other end of the catheter on the outside body. nephrostomy
Congenital deformity of the urethra in which the urethral opening is on the underside of the penis rather than one on the other end.hypospadias
Within the cardiovascular system, what is compared to the branches of a tree?vascular family
Surgical connection of two tubular structures, such as two pieces of the intestines.anastomosis
What are the two approaches used to insert devices that electrically shock into regular rhythmepicardial and transvenous
Cells coming from a Close relative or from the same species (i.e. cadaver, nonrelated donor) Allogenic
Patient’s own (i.e. cells coming from yourself)Autologous
What are the two types of lymphadenectomiesLimited and Radical
Limited lymphadenectomies ______Lymph nodes only
Radical lymphadenectomies ______Lymph nodes, submandibular gland, and surrounding tissue

Section 4

Question Answer
Regarding Lymphadenectomies the term "complete" is the same as ______Radical neck dissection
Vermilionectomyshaving of lip
Cheiloplastylip repair
What are the three salivary glands?Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual
Large intestine extends fromend of ilium to anus
Small intestine extends for 20 feet from pyloric sphincter to first part of large intestine
4 parts of the large intestine ____cecum, colon, sigmoid colon, and rectum
Hernia Codes Divided On what types ____Inguinal , femoral
A cystoscopy is a visual examination of urinary bladder by means of cystoscope
NephrostomyInsertion of catheter into kidney with one end in kidney and one end outside body
NephrotomyExploration of inside of kidney
NephrolithotomyRemoval of calculus

Section 5

Question Answer
AblationThe cutting away or erosion of tissue
Allotransplantation is a transplant _____between two people who are not related.
Autotransplantation is a transferof tissue from one part of a person’s body to another part of his or her body.
Peyronie’s DiseaseCurvature of penis
ChordeeVentral curve (downward) of penis
HypospadiasCongenital abnormality- Urethral meatus (opening) is abnormally placed
Orchiopexy: Moving and fixation of testis to scrotal sac
EpididymisNarrow, coiled tube on top of testis, Connects efferent ducts to vas deferens
The Male Genital System subsection of the CPT manual is divided into ____ subheadingsanatomical
When coding renal transplants, the kidney can either be from a(n)deceased organ donor (cadaver) or a(n) living organ donor
A nephrectomy involves the partial or total removal of the kidney
The motion and flow of urine is referred to asurodynamics.

Section 6

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What subsection includes organs that aid in the urinary process, such as the kidney and bladder?Urinary System
The ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) connects what two areas?renal pelvis and ureter
A surgical opening into the seminal vesicle is referred to asvesiculotomy.
The Digestive System subsection of the CPT manual is divided into _____________18 subheadings
A pear-shaped sac that stores and concentrates bile is theGallbladder
Factors in coding hernias include whether the hernia is strangulated or incarcerated
What term means taking out a diseased portion of the intestine?Resection
A surgical opening into the abdomen is referred to asLaperotomy
When a catheter or needle is placed directly into a vein, the placement isnonselective
The use of radioactive substances as a therapy for stent restenosis of a coronary vessel isintracoronary brachytherapy
Which of the following is used to record a patient’s ECG over a 24 hour period?Holter monitor

Section 7

Question Answer
What items are transported by the lymphatic system back to the bloodstream?fluids, fats, proteins
What is the name for bone marrow from a close relative?allogenic
Codes for Cardiovascular System procedures are found in the _______ sections of the CPTSurgery, Medicine, and Radiology
Procedures in the Veins and Arteries subheading include all vessels (veins and
arteries) except _____ vessels
Electrophysiology is the study of the _____ system of the heartelectrical
The Hemic and Lymphatic Systems subsection is split into ____ subheadings.three
______ laparoscopy codes always include the _______ laparoscopy codes if performed together.Surgical , Diagnostic
These are part of the Hemic and Lymphatic System?Spleen, Bone Marrow, Lymph nodes
These are a source for blood cell formation.Umbilical cord, bloodstream, bone marrow
This hemic and lymphatic system subheading _____ contains codes for
procedures performed on the bone marrow.
______ is the inner part of bone that manufactures most blood cells.Bone Marrow
The Hemic and Lymphatic Systems subsection is split into ______ subheadingsthree

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