HIM 215 Test 2 Study guide part 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
Excision defined as full thickness would be through thedermis
Single-layered closure of heavily contaminated wounds that require extensive cleaning or removal of particulate matter constitutes what type of repair?intermediate
When an excision is being performed, the "margins" refer to the ____ required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physician's judgment.narrowest margin
What term describes a reduction?manipulation
This type of graft is often taken from the mid-upper lateral thigh area.fascia lata
Thin, outermost layer; composed of squamous epitheliumEpidermis
Endoscopic procedures are reported on the ____ place(s) to which the scope is advancedfurthest
Innermost layer; thick and mainly composed of fatty tissueSubcutaneous
The procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx so the physician can look at the larynx is what type of laryngoscopy?direct
Most surgery subsections are defined according to body system or _____ _________ (two words). medical specialty
The procedure in which a scope is placed through a small incision and into a body cavity is called an ________ procedure.endoscopic
When coding endoscopic procedures, you must be certain to code to the fullest _________ of the procedure and code the correct approach for the procedure.extent

Section 2

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This is coded independently each time it is performed. separate procedure
Subsection notes apply to these four areas? codes, subsections, subheadings, and categories
Name two uses of anesthesia. relieve pain, manage unconscious patients, manage life functions, and manage resuscitation
Endotracheal, local, epidural, and regional are ______________? methods of administering anesthesia
This document contains codes for anesthesia services. It compares the anesthesia services and assigns numerical values to each service based on relative complexity.Relative Value GuideĀ® (RVG)
Wound exploration codes have what service(s) bundled into the codes? exploration, including enlargement; debridement, removal of foreign body(ies), minor vessel ligation, repair
A diagnostic endoscopic procedure is reported only when? when no surgical procedure is performed during the same operative session.
Fracture treatment when site is not surgically opened and visualized or reductionClosed treatment
Fracture site that is surgically opened and visualizedOpen treatment
Fixation considered neither open nor closed; fracture is not visualized, but fixation is placed across the fracture site under x-ray imagingPercutaneous
The Respiratory System is arranged by __________ site.anatomic
If more than one distinct procedure was during an endoscopic procedure, what modifier would you add to the lesser price service? 51

Section 3

Question Answer
Break in a boneFracture
Displacement of a bone from its normal location in a jointDislocation
Word used interchangeably with reduction to mean the attempted restoration of a fracture or joint Dislocation to its normal positionManipulation
The application of pins, wires, screws, and so on to immobilize; these can be placed externally or internally Fixation
Application of force to a limb with the use of a pin, screw, wire, or clamp attached to the boneSkeletal traction
Tissue surrounding organs and other structures (fascia, connective tissue, muscle, etc.)Soft tissue
Reshaping or reconstructing a jointArthroplasty
Surgical immobilization of a jointArthrodesis
Tumor on a pedicle that bleeds easily and may become malignantPolyp
Prefix meaning noseRhino
Inspection of body organs or cavities using a lighted scope that may be placed through an existing opening or through a small incisionEndoscopy
Cavities within the nasal bonesSinuses

Section 4

Question Answer
Maxillary sinusAntrum
Cutting through the antrum wall to make an opening in the sinusAntrotomy
Prefix meaning larynxLaryngo
Inspection of the bronchial tree using a bronchoscope Bronchoscopy
Surgical puncture of the thoracic cavity usually using a needle, to remove fluidThoracentesis
Surgical incision into the thoracic cavityThoracotomy
Cutting into the thoracic cavity to allow for enlargement of the heart or for drainageThoracostomy
Use of a lighted endoscope to view the pleural spaces and thoracic cavity or perform surgical proceduresThoracoscopy
Excision of a lobe of the lungLobectomy
Covering of the lungs and thoracic cavity that is moistened with serous fluid to reduce friction during respiratory movements of the lungPleura
Prefix meaning lung or airPneumo
Removal of blockage (embolism) from vesselsEmbolectomy

Section 5

Question Answer
The Respiratory System subsection is arranged first by ________ _________ and then by ___________.anatomic site, procedure
A physician who specializes in treating conditions of the nose is an_________Ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor, otorhinolaryngologist
The Trachea and Bronchi subheading includes the following categories incision, endoscopy, introduction
A surgical incision into the chest wall is a(n) ____thoracotomy
These are a sinus of the nose?frontal, sphenoid, maxillary
____ is the withdrawal of fluid from the lung.Pneumocentesis
A(n) ___ is an establishment of an airway.Intubation
A biopsy that is performed on the skin of the nose would be coded from the ___Integumentary System
The three main fracture treatments are open, closed, and percutaneous
Restoration of a fracture of joint dislocation to its normal anatomic position is calledManipulation or Reduction
Placement of pins, wires, or screws on the outside of the body to immobilize a body part isExternal Fixation
Injection of medication into a joint and/or aspiration of fluid from a joint is calledArthrocentesis