Hesiod's Five Ages

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Question Answer
Age of Kronos (Saturn)Golden Age
No work, grief, old ageGolden Age
Easy deathGolden Age
Land brought forth food spontaneouslyGolden Age
Peace and prosperityGolden Age
Now they are spirits who roam the land dispensing justiceGolden Age
100-year infancy with motherSilver Age
Witless, painful adulthoodSilver Age
Hurt each otherSilver Age
Godless (no sacrifices or service to gods) so Zeus got angry and destroyed themSilver Age
Monstrous, heavy, war-lovingBronze Age
Ate no foodBronze Age
Strong and wildBronze Age
Everything made of bronzeBronze Age
Killed each other offBronze Age
They are forgottenBronze Age
Race before Hesiod's ageAge of Heroes
Died in battles commemorated in mythsAge of Heroes
Enjoy afterlife in Islets of Blest with 3 harvest seasons/year for them thereAge of Heroes
Hesiod's contemporariesIron Age
Full of troublesIron Age
Children are born grey-hairedNext Age
Father fight with sons, hosts with guests, brothers with brothersNext Age
Children dishonour parentsNext Age
No justiceNext Age
WarNext Age
Oath-breaking, violence, envyNext Age
Shame and nemesis will leave the earthNext Age

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