HESI Vocab

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Section 1

Question Answer
ContraindicationA reason why something should not be done/Something that makes a particular treatment inadvisable
Parameter a characteristic or constant factor
Exogenousproduced outside the body
Labileliable to change; easily altered
Suppressto stop or subdue
Endogenous produced within the body
toxicpoisonous or exhibiting symptoms of infection

Section 2

Question Answer
DistendedEnlarged or expanded from pressure AKA swollen
OvertEasily observed and obvious
concaverounded inward, Having a shape like the inside of a bowl
FlaccidLimp, lacking tone
InvasiveInserting or entering into a body part
Insidiousa gradual, subtle process AKA stealthy
lethargicDifficult to arouse

Section 3


Question Answer
PrecipitousRapid, uncontrolled AKA steep
ominousSignificantly important and dangerous
Paroxysmalbeginning suddenly or abruptly
Potentproducing a strong effect
latentPresent and capable of developing, but not now visible or active
DistendedEnlarged or expanded from pressure AKA swollen

Section 4


Question Answer
abstainto voluntarily refrain
accessto obtain entry or a means of approach
adhereto hold fast or stick together, attach
adverseundesired, Unfavorable , possibly harmful
affectappearance of observable emotions...conscious subjective aspect of an emotion considered apart from bodily changes...have an effect on; make a difference to
annualoccurring every year
applyto place, put on, or spread something
audibleable to be heard
bilateralpresent on two sides
breachbroken,ruptured, or torn
breechbuttocks first
casthard protective device applied to protect a broken bone while it heals

Section 5


Question Answer
ceaseto come to an end or bring to an end
compensatoryoffsetting or making up for something
complicationan undesired problem that is the result of some other event
complydo as directed
concaverounded inward
concisebrief, to the point
consistencydegree of viscosity, how thick or thin a fluid is
constrictto draw together or become smaller
contingentdependent, Depending on something else
contourshape or outline of a shape
contraindicationa reason why something is not advisable or why it should not be done

Section 6


Question Answer
defecateto expel feces
deficita deficiency or lack of something
depresspress downward
depthDOWNWARD measurement from a surface
devicetool or piece of equipment
diameterthe distance across the center of an object
dilateto enlarge or expand
diluteto make a liquid less concentrated
discretedistinct, deparate
distendedenlarged or expanded from pressure
elevateto lift up or place in a higher position
endogenousproduced within the body
euphamisman agreeable, or pleasant statement
exacerbateto make worse or more severe
excessmore than what is needed or usual
exogenousproduced outside the body
expandto increase in size or amount
externallocated outside the body

Section 7


Question Answer
fatalresulting in death
fatigueextreme tiredness, exhaustion
febrilehaving a fever
flaccidlimp, lacking tone
flushedreddened or ruddy appearance
Freud's superegocontains rigid rules
gapingwide open
gendersex of an individual, as in male or female
hydrationmaintenance of body fluid balance
hygeinemeasures contributing to cleanliness
impaireddiminished or lacking some usual quality or level
impendinglikely to occur soon
incidencerate of occurrence
inflamedreddened, swollen, warm, and often tender
ingestto swallow for digestion
initiateto begin or put into practice
insidious so gradual as to not become apparent for a long time
intactin place, unharmed
internallocated within the body
*invasiveinserting or entering into a body part
lacerationcut, tear

Section 8


Question Answer
labile changing rapidly and often
latentpresent, but not active or visible
lethargicdifficult to arouse
manifestationan indication or sign of a condition
nutrientsubstance or ingredient that provides nourishment
neurologicnervous system
neurovascularrelating to nervous system and blood vessels
musculoskeletalmuscle and skeleton
occludedclosed or obstructed
ominoussignificantly important and dangerous AKA threatening
oralgiven through or affecting the mouth
overtobvious, easily observed AKA apparent

Section 9


Question Answer
parametera characteristic or constant factor
paroxysmalbeginning suddenly or abruptly
potentproducing a strong effect
potentialcapable of occurring or likely to occur
precautionpreventive measure
precipitousrapid, uncontrolled
predisposeto make more susceptible or more likely to occur
preexistingalready present
primaryfirst or most significant
primary healthcarewidest scope of healthcare ie. family doctor
priorityof great importance
prognosisthe anticipated or expected course or outcome AKA forcast
pathogeniccausing or able to cause
pathologyprocess, causes, and effects of a disease; abnormal
posteriorlocated behind, in the back

Section 10


Question Answer
rationalethe underlying reason
renalof or relating to kidneys
respirationinhalation and exhalation of air
recurto occur again
restrictto limit
retainto hold or keep
secondary healthcare specialistsie. cardiologist, dermatologist
spinsteran unmarried woman
strictstringent, exact, complete
sublingualunder tongue
supplementto take in addition to or to complete
suppressto stop or subdue
androgynousboth female and male
intrusiveinvasive--- unpleasant...intrusive thoughts
exposurelaying open
symmetricoccurring in corresponding parts at the same time

Section 11


Question Answer
symmetric (symmetrical)being equal or the same in size, shape, and relative position
symptoman indication of a problem
syndromegroup of symptoms, when occuring together reflect a disease/disorder
therapeuticof or relating to the treatment of a disease or a disorder
transdermalcrossing through the skin
transmissiontransfer. disease from one person to another
traumainjury, wound
triageprocess used to determine the priority of treatment for patients
tertiary healthcarespecialized consultative care on referral from primary of secondary health provider ie. cancer care, plastic surgeon
untowardadverse or negative
urinateto excrete or expel urine
verbalspoken, using words
vascularblood vessels
virusmicroscopic infectious agent capable of replicating only in living cells, usually causing disease
voidemit, release, excrete, or expel urine
volumeamount of space occupied by a fluid

Section 12


Question Answer
UbiquitousBeing or seeming to be everywhere at once.
AggrievedHurt or angry.
AnachronismA thing of the past. "My disease is anachronism"
ExacerbateTo make worse or more severe.
RancidSmelling unpleasant.
AbstainTo voluntarily refrain from something.
AccoladeTribute or honor
AcuteSudden, intense
AdhereTo hold fast or stick together
*AegisControl, protection. (EX: Unit staffing decisions are under the aegis of the nurse manager.)
AggregateA sum total of many things
AmbivalentUncertain, having contradictory feelings.
AntidoteCure or remedy.
AssentTo give consent, to agree.
AudibleAble to be heard
BarrageBombardment, onslaught. (continuous attack). "This staph disease is so barrage, I keep getting butt pimples."
*BearingManner, direction, or influence.
BenignNot harmful
CallousHeartless, cruel, or pitiless.
CardiacOf or relating to the heart.
CataractMedical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, resulting in blurred vision.
CavityAn opening or an empty area.
CeaseCome to an end or bring to an end.
ChronologyOrder of events as they occurred; timeline.
CompensatoryOffsetting (amount that diminishes or balances the effect of a contrary one) or making up for something. Best described as corrective.
ConsistencyDegree of viscosity; how thick or thin a fluid is in relation to how it flows.
ConstituteTo establish, create, or organize.
ConstrictTo draw together or become smaller. "Blood vessels constrict when you are in a cold environment"

Section 13


Question Answer
ContraindicationA reason something is not advisable or should not be done.
ConvolutedTo be complex. "Her symptoms were very convoluted: back pain, headache, and severe nose bleed."
ConvulsiveHaving or causing convulsions (violent shaking of the body [epilepsy])
CovertHidden or concealed. "Her bruises were covert under her clothes"
CursoryQuick, perfunctory, not thorough. "run a cursory examination on the adult."
DeficitA deficiency or lack of something.
DelusionalConfused or mistaken.
DepressPress downward.
DepthDownward measurement from a surface.
*DesiccatedDried or withered. "Her feces were desiccated"
DeviceTool or piece of equipment.
DiagnosisIdentification of an injury or disease.
DilateTo enlarge or expand.
DiscreteDistinct, separate. "Her bruises were so discrete, scattered all around her body"
DistalDistant; away from the center (body).

Section 14


Question Answer
DistendedEnlarged or expanded from pressure. "Her stomach looked like a balloon, it was distended"
DocileEasily handled, tame i.e. not dangerous or frightened by people. "The little girl was docile, very gullible."
DysfunctionImpaired or abnormal functioning.
EarthlyWorldly or possible.
EmpathyAbility to share what others are feeling; understanding the feelings of another.
EndogenousDeveloping internally of body. "Cells are endogenous"
EradicateTo destroy completely. "Everyone wants to eradicate cancer."
EtherealBeing extremely delicate or refined, ghostly, or eerie.
EtiologyThe origin or cause of a disease or condition.
EuphemismAn inoffensive expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive. "Im sorry, but your father passed away."
EuphoricConfident. (I am euphoric about this exam.)
ExogenousDeveloping externally of body. "Hair is exogenous"
ExpandTo increase in size or amount.
ExpectorateTo cough up discharge from the lungs through the mouth. (spit).
ExposureTo come in contact.
ExtensionLengthening; unbending a joint.
FatalResulting in death.
FatigueExtreme tiredness, exhaustion.
FlexionBending a joint. "FLEXING YOUR ARM"
FlushedReddened or ruddy appearance.
ForgoOmit (to leave out or exclude). (FORGO-> NOGO).
GastrointestinalOf or relating to the stomach and the intestines.
*HalitosisBad breath.
HedgeEvade, circumvent, or dodge. (ESCAPE OR AVOID).
HeedlessTo be thoughtless, unmindful, or careless.
HematologicOf or relating to blood.
HydrationMaintenance of body fluid balance.
HygieneMeasures contributing to cleanliness and good health.
ImpairedDiminished or lacking some usual quality or level.
ImperviousImpenetrable, not allowing anything to pass through. "skin"
ImplementTo put into action or to cause it to happen.
ImplyTo suggest without explicitly stating. (Sender of a message implies)
InferTo conclude or deduce- arrive at a fact. (The receiver of the message infers)
InflamedReddened, swollen, warm, and often tender.
IngestTo swallow for digestion.
InhibitsTo hold back, constrain, reduce, or slow. "Migraine pills inhibit migraines"
Initiateto begin or put into practice.
IntactIn place, unharmed, or whole.
InternalLocated within the body.
**InvasiveInserting or entering into a body part.
KineticOf or relating to movement.
LateralOn the side.

Section 15


Question Answer
LegacyBequest or relic.
MalaiseSickness, condition, or dissatisfaction.
MalignantExpected to grow and worsen.
ManifestationAn indication or sign of a condition.
MilieuThe environmental condition or setting.
*NebulousVague (uncertain, unclear).
NeurologicOf or relating to the nervous system.
NeurovascularOf or relating to the nervous system and blood vessels.
NutrientSubstance or ingredient that provides nourishment.
OccludedClosed or obstructed.
OminousGiving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious. (portentous).
OralGiven through or affecting the mouth.
OticOf the ear.
OublietteDungeon, prison, or cell.
OvertOBVIOUS OR VISIBLE. The doctor had put his OVERT opinion in the plainest language possible; there was nothing more to be done for the patient besides comfort care.
PainfulAching. (Sore, throbbing with pain).
PanaceaCure, solution, or remedy.
ParameterA characteristic or constant FACTOR, limit. Structure.
ParoxysmalSudden, recurrence spasms or seizures.
PathogenicCausing or able to cause a disease.
PathologyProcesses, causes, and effects of a disease; abnormality.
*PediculosisInfested with lice.
PosteriorLocated behind; in the back.
PotentProducing a strong effect.
PrecautionPreventive measure.
PrecipitousRapid, uncontrolled.
PredisposeTo make more susceptible or more likely to occur. make someone liable or inclined to a specified attitude, action, or condition."lack of exercise may predispose an individual to high blood pressure".
PreexistingAlready present.
PrimaryFirst or most significant.
PriorityOf great importance.
PrognosisThe anticipated or expected course or outcome. (EX: The physician explained that, with treatment, the patient's prognosis was for a long and healthy life.)
ProliferationA rapid increase in number.
Q.I.D4 times a day.
QuarantineStrict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of a disease or to exclude, detain, or isolate. (CONFINEMENT: keep or restrict someone from something)
RaucousWild, loud, or disorderly.
RationaleThe underlying reason| LOGIC. (EX: To make sure that the patient will follow the diet instructions, the medical assistant explains the rationale for the low-salt diet.)
RecurTo occur again.
RegaleTo entertain, amuse, or delight.
RegimenA systematic plan for therapy.
RelicThing of the past.
RemissionImprovement or absence of signs of disease.
RenalOf or relating to the kidneys.
RespirationInhalation or exhalation of air.
RestrictTo limit.