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RetainTo hold or keep.
RigidNot flexible.
SereneCalm, tranquil.
SpinsterAn unmarried woman.
SputumA mixture of saliva and mucus coughed up from the respiratory tract, typically as a result of infection or other disease.
SubstantialHaving substance or sustaining. Strengthen or support physically or mentally. "this thought had sustained him throughout the years." ( OF considerable importance, size, or worth).
SupplementTo take in addition to or to complete.
Suppressto stop or subdue. (counter).
SuppositionA message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence.
SusceptibleLikely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing. (PREDISPOSE).
Symmetric (symmetrical)Being equal or the same in size, shape, and relative position.
SyndromeGroup of symptoms that, when occurring together, reflect a specific disease or disorder.
Tertiary Health CareA system to return patients to wellness.
TherapeuticOf or relating to the treatment of a disease or a disorder.
ToxicCausing harm or poisonous.
TransdermalCrossing through the skin.
TransmissionTransfer, such as of a disease, from one person to another.
TraumaInjury, wound.
TriageProcess used to determine the priority of treatment for patients according to the severity of a patient's condition and the likelihood of benefit from the treatment.
UntowardAdverse, negative.
UrinateExcrete or expel urine.
VerbalSpoken, using words.
VirulentExtremely harmful and severe.
VirusMicroscopic infectious agent capable of replicating only in living cells, usually causing infectious disease.
VoidTo urinate.
*VolatileLabile, change rapidly.
VolumeAmount of space occupied by a fluid.
cutaneousAffecting the skin
anabolismPhase of metabolism in which complex molecules are created from simpler ones for the storage of energy
catabolismPhase of metabolism in which stored nutrient sources are broken down to produce energy
cohortGroup of persons sharing common characteristics
beneficenceRefers to action done to improve the situation for the benefit of others
diffuseSpread out over a large area to form a more uniform concentration
accountableRequired to explain, required or expected to justify actions or decisions; responsible.
acidChemical compound containing hydrogens
autonomyCapacity to make an uncoerced decision
deviceObject made for a special purpose.
capillaryTube with a very thin internal diameter
contractMake smaller
depressPress down
assessevaluate, Make a judgment
keloidcicatrix, scar tissue

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