Hesi Conversations Basic and In-depth

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Section 1

Question Answer
steps to convert celsius to fahrenheit(C X 1.8)+32
steps to convert fahrenheit to celsius(F-32)/1.8
0* Celsius = ___ Fahrenheit32*
100* Celsius = ___ Fahrenheit212*
1 Mile = ___ Yards1760 Yards
1 Mile = ___ Feet5280 Feet
1 Yard = ___ Feet3 Feet
1 Foot = ___ Inches12 inches
1 Gallon = ___ Quarts4 Quarts
1 Gallon = ___ Ounces128 Ounces
1 Quart = ___ Pints2 Pints
1 Pint = ___ Cups2 Cups
1 Cup =____ounces8 ounces
1 Ounce=____ milliliters30 milliliters
1 ton = _____ pounds2000 pounds
1 pound = _____ ounces16 ounces
2.2 pounds =______ kilogram1 kilogram
1 kilometer = _____ meters1,000 meters
1 meter = _____ centimeters100 centimeters
1 centimeters = _____ millimeters1/10 millimeters
2.4 centimeters = ____ inches1 inch
1 liter =____milliliters1,000 milliliters
1 milliliter = ____ cubic centimeter1 cubic centimeter
1 kilogram = ____ grams1,000 grams
1 gram = ___milligrams1,000 milligrams

Section 2

Question Answer
freezing point of H2O0 celsius=32 fahrenheit
boiling point of H2O100 celsius=212 fahrenheit
**kilometers to meters1/1000
**meters to kilometers1/0.001
centimeters to inch2.54/1
inches to centimeters1/ 2.54
centimeters to millimeters10
quarts to liters0.95/1
miles to yards1/1760
yards to miles1760/1
miles to feet1/5280
feet to miles5280/1
yards to feet1/3
feet to centimeters1/30.48
feet to yards3/1
feet to inches 1/12
inches to feet12/1
liters to milliliters 1/1000
milliliters to liters 1000/1
gallons to quarts 1/4
quarts to gallons4/1
gallons to ounces 1/128
ounces to gallons 128/1
quarts to pints 1/2
pints to quarts 2/1
cups to ounces 1/8
ounces to cups8/1
ounces to milliliters(cc)1/30
milliliters(cc) to ounces30/1
kilograms to grams1/1000
grams to kilograms1000/1
grams to milligrams1/1000
milligrams to grams1000/1
tons to pounds1/2000
pounds to tons2000/1
pounds to ounces1/16
ounces to pounds16/1
*kilogram to pounds 1/2.2
*pound to kilograms1/ 0.45
****pound to grams1/453.6


Question Answer
quart to ounces1/32
ounces to quart32/1
cups to liters4.226/1
liters to cups1/4.226
liters to gallons3.78/1
gallons to liters1/ 3.78
ounces to liters33.8/1
*liter to ounces1/33.8
ounces to tons32,000/1
tons to ounces1/32,000
meter to feet1/3.28
feet to meter3.28/1
tablespoon to teaspoon1/3
teaspoon to tablespoon3/1
milliliter to tablespoon14.78 /1
tablespoon to milliliter1/14.78
teaspoons to milliliter1/ 4.928
*milliliter to teaspoon4.928/1
milligrams to kilograms1,000,000/1
kilograms to milligrams1/ 1,000,000
meter to inches1/39.37
inches to meter39.37/1
meter to cm1/100
cm to meter100/1
yard to inches1/36
inches to yard36/1
yard to cm1/91.44
cm to yards91.44/1
miles to kilometer1/1.6
kilometer to miles1.6/1
grams to micrograms (mcg)1/1,000,000
microgram (mcg) to grams1,000,000/1
milligrams to micrograms (mcg)1/1,000
microgram (mcg) to milligrams1,000/1
inches to millimeters1/25.4
millimeters to inches25.4/1
yard to meters1 / 0.9144
meters to yard0.9144/1
*grams to ounces1/.035
*ounces to grams28.3/1