Hernia types

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Types Of Hernia
Question Answer
Barth’s HerniaHernia B/W Abd Wall & Persistant Vitellointestinal Duct
Beclard’s HerniaFemoral Hernia Through Saphenous Opening
Berger’s HerniaHernia In Pouch Of Douglas
Cloquet’s HerniaHernia Through Pectineal Fascia
Epigastric HerniaFatty Hernia Of Linae Alba (Resembles Peptic Ulcer Disease)
Femoral HerniaHernia Medial To Femoral Vein
Gibbon’s HerniaHernia With Hydrocoele
Grynfelt’s HerniaUpper Lumbar Triangle Hernia
Hesselbach’s HerniaHernia Lateral To Femoral Artery
Holthouse’s HerniaInguinal Hernia That Has Turned Outwards Into The Groin
Laugier’s HerniaThrough The Lacunar Ligament
Little’s HerniaAppendix In Hernia Sac
Littre’s HerniaHernia With Meckel’s Diverticulum In It
Maydle’s HerniaW Hernia
Narath’s HerniaHernia Behind The Femoral Artery In Congenital Dislocation Of Hip
Obturator HerniaHernia Through Obturator Canal Or Foramen
Petit’s HerniaLower Lumbar Triangle Hernia
Phantom HerniaLocalised Muscle Bulge Following Muscle Paralysis
Richter’s HerniaPart Of Circumference Of Bowel Wall Is Gangrenous
Romberg’s HerniaSaddle Hernia
Sciatic HerniaHernia Through Greater Or Lesser Sciatic Foramen
Serofini’s HerniaHernia Behind Femoral Vessels
Sliding HerniaPosterior Wall Of Sac Of Hernia Is Formed By Colon Or Bladder
Spigelian HerniaHernia Through Spigelian Fascia
Teal’s HerniaHernia In Front Of Femoral Vessels
Ventral HerniaIncisional Hernia
Hernia Without Intestinal ObstructionOmentocoele,Richter’s Hernia ,Littre’s Hernia
Inguinal HerniaHernia Above And Medial To The Pubic Tubercle
Femoral HerniaBelow And Lateral To Pubic Tubercle.
Most Common Differential Diagnosis Of Inguinal HerniaHydrocoele Of Canal Of Nuck (Inguinal Canal In Females Is Canal Of Nuck)
Hernia Without NeckDirect Hernia,Incisional Hernia
Hernia Without SacEpigastric Hernia (Protrusion Of Extraperitoneal Pad Of Fat)
Contents Of Sac In Omentocoele/EpiplocoeleOmentum (Doughy Feel,Initial Reduction Is Easy –Later Reduction Is Difficult )
Contents Of Sac In EnterocoeleIntestine (Difficult Initial Reduction ,Reduces With Gurgling Sound )