Herbs 3

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ShengDiHuangcold, sweet (b/c it nourishes yin), bitter / HT (b/c it clears HT-fire) + KID (b/c it nourishes yin) + LIV (b/c it nourishes Yin)
XuanShencold, sl salty (b/c soften hard masses), sweet, bitter(b/c it clears toxic fire) / KID (b/c it's salty) + LU (b/c it's very good for sore throat) + ST
MuDanPisl. cold, pungent, bitter/ HT + LIV + KID (b/c
ChiShaosl. cold / LIV (b/c LIV moves blood!) + SP
ZiCaocold, sweet / LIV + SP
BeiXieBitter (as BeiXie)+Neutral (doesn't treat heat/cold, treats cloudy)/BL (treats urine) + LIV (treats leucorrhea)+ ST
DaHuangBitter (dries dampness/drain fire)+cold (clear heat)/SP/ST/LI/HT/LIV - 1) drain heat/purge feces; 2) purge fire (boils...); 3) clear heat/transf dampness/prom urination (edema,jaundice); 4) drain heat from blood (stop bleeding), move bl (dispel stasis); 5) clear full heat/toxicity in ST/LI
QinHaoKID+LIV (b/c it clears empty-heat from those that suffer from yin-xu: KID+LIV)+GB (b/c it treats shaoyang pattern)/Bitter (b/c it drains dampness in LJ) +cold (b/c it clears heat)+Aromatic (b/c it spreads dampness) - 1) clear empty-heat d/t lingering pathogen, treats shaoyang pattern, enters nutritive-Ying level, treats damp in LJ, malaria (also GB)
MuTongBitter+Sl.Cold/BL (promotes urination) +HT (calms mind, clear HT-heat/fire)+SI (passes through SI from BL to HT) - 1) promote urination/unblock Lin SD, 2) drain HT-heat/fire and calm the mind via SI, 3) promotes lactation b/c it moves qi-stag (blood) small dosage: 3-9g
BaiWeiLU (b/c it's "Bai")+ST/Bitter+Salty (b/c it should enter KID to treat empty-heat)+Cold (b/c it clears empty-heat) - 1) clear empty-heat d/t lingering exterior heat; 2) cool blood
SangZhiBitter+Neutral/LIV - 1) dispel wind-damp/unblock channel/ben joints; 2) prom urination/reduce pitting edema; very good for numbness/stiffness (wind-damo), not so much for pain (cold), b/c it's neutral!!! Guide to upper extremities;
FuLingSweet+Bland+Neutral/SP+KID+HT - promote urination/leach out dampness, strengthen SP/harm MJ
ZeXieSweet+Bland+Cold/KID+BL - promote urination/leach out dampness, better for LJ
BeiXieBitter(drain dampness)+Neutral(doesn't treat heat symptoms)/BL+LIV+ST - 1)separate pure from turbid (cloudy urine/vaginal discharge)
TongCaoSweet+Bland+Sl.cold/LU+ST - 1) promote urination/clear heat; 2) promote lactation
MuTongBitter+Sl.cold/BL+HT+SI - 1) promote urination/unblock Lin SD (d/t damp-heat); 2) promote urination/drain HT-fire!!!; 3) promote lactation
CheQianZiSweet+Cold/UB+KID+LIV+LU - 1) promote urination/unblock Lin SD; 2) cool LIV/clear eyes
HuaShiSweet+Bland+Cold/ST+BL - 1) clear heat/treat dampness; 2) clear summerheat; 3) absorb dampness (topically)
HaiJinShaSweet+Cold/BL+SI - 1) promote urination/relieve SD; 2) promote urination/reduce edema
YinChenHaoBitter+Sl.Cold/LIV+SP+GB+ST - 1) clear heat/resolve dampness/treat jaundice
JinQianCaoSweet+Salty+Sl.Cold/BL+GB+KID+LIV - 1) clear LIV/GB-dh and expel gall stones; 2) promote urination, unblock Lin SD, expel urinary stones
WeiLingXiansalty+pungent+warm/BL - 1) dispel wind-damp/wdc, unblock channel, allev pain; 2) soften/transf fish bones in throat
MuGuasour!!!+warm/LIV+SP - 1) dispel wind-damp/wdc - Sour taste mobilizes sinews and relaxes cramping spasms; 2) harmonizes MJ/transform dampness
CanShasweet+pungent+warm/LIV+SP+ST - 1) dispel wind, eliminate dampness; 2) harmonizes MJ/transform turbid dampness
CangZhuvery pungent+bitter+warm/sp+st - 1) strongly dries (and not just transform, which makes it stronger) dampness (b/c it's both bitter and v. pungent)=>strengthens SP; 2) (both bi and epi w.d.) dispel wind-dampness/wdc
HuoXiangpungent+warm/LU+SP+ST - 1) aromat. transf dampness + release exterior; 2) dispel summer-cold; 3) harmon MJ/stop vomiting
PeiLanpungent+neutral/sp+st - the only neutral herb in aromat transf damp. 1) aromat. transf dampness; 2) release summer-heat
BaiDouKoupungent+warm+aromatic/lu+sp+st - 1) transf damp; 2) promote MJ-Qi-movement; 3) warm MJ/stop vomiting
ShaRenpungent+warm+aromatic/sp+st - 1) promote MJ-Qi-movement; 2) transf damp/strengthen SP; 3) calm fetus; 4) warm MJ/stop diarrhea; 5) stop nausea+vomiting
YuLiRenpungent+Bitter+Sweet+Neutral/LI+SI+SP - 1) moisten intestines/unblock bowels; 2) prom urination/reduce edema
HuoMaRensweet+neutral/LI+SP+ST - 1) nourish/moisten intestines; 2) mildly nourish Yin
FangJibitter+pungent+cold/BL+SP+KID - 1) expel wd/unblock meridian (stop pain); 2) promote urination/reduce edema
XuanShenSl salty (soften hardness)+sweet+bitter+cold/KID+**LU**+ST - 1) clear heat/cool blood; 2) mildly moisten; 3) soften hardness toxic heat (sore throat)
ShengDiHuangsweet+bitter+cold/HT+KID+LV - 1) clear heat/cool blood; 2) nourish Yin/gen BF; Treat HT-fire/insomnia
MuDanPipungent/bitter/sl. cold/HT+LIV+KID - 1) clear heat/cool blood; 2) invigorate blood/dispel stasis; 3) clear yin-xu-heat/fire; 4) drain pus/reduce swelling
ChiShaobitter+sl cold/LV+SP - 1) invigorate blood/dispel stasis; 2) clear heat/cool blood
ZiCaosweet+cold/HT+LIV - 1) clear heat/cool blood/resolve fire toxicity/vent rashes; 2) clear dh from skin
BaiWeibitter+salty+cold/LU+ST - ATENTION: in clear empty-heat group despite of 1st action: 1) clear empty-heat/cool blood; (best for lingering pathogen, such as postpartum fever)
QingHaobitter+cold/KID+LIV+GB - 1) clear deficient heat/fever (for lingering pathogen); 2) clear summerheat
DiGuPisweet+bland+cold/LU+LV+KID - 1) cool blood/reduce steaming / clear empty-heat d/t age - treat severe cases of KID-Yin-Xu leading to heat/fire. Mildly generate BF/Treats thirst
YinChaiHusweet+sl.cold/LIV+ST - 1) clear empty-heat; 2) clear heat/reduce childhood nutrition impairments - mild - for fever/not for night sweating
HuHuangLian??? - 1) clear empty-heat; 2) clear heat/reduce childhood nutrition impairments - mild - for fever/not for night sweating; 3) drain damp-heat
QinJiaobitter+pungent+sl.cold/GB+LIV+ST - 1) expel wind-damp-heat/soothe collaterals/sinews; 2) clear empty-heat d/t lingering pathogen
MangXiaopungent+bitter+salty+very cold/ST+LI - 1) purge feces; 2) soften hardness (stool); 3) clear heat/(drain fire)
WuJiaPipungent+bitter+warm/KID+LIV - 1) dispel wind-damp; 2) strengthen bones/tendons/sinews (by tonifying KID/LIV)
SangJiShengbitter+sweet+neutral/KID+LIV - 1) dispel wind-damp; 2) tonify KID+LIV/strengthen bones/tendons/sinews; 3) calm fetus