Herbs 2

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Question Answer
ma huangprom. sweating, urination, vent rashes, asthma, edema, yin carbuncles - warm+pungent, LU+BL
gui zhiCONTRA-PREG ht palpitations, prom. sweating, release muscles, edema
zi su yecalm fetus, mild herb, morning sickness, seafood poisoning, move ST/SP qi, LU+SP
sheng jiangnausea, vomiting, morning sickness, detoxifies other herbs, warms MJ
xiang rusummer ma huang, milder, also prom. urination, not so much sweating, aromatic=>treats dampness
jing jieenters blood level, vents rashes, itching (better than ff), skin rashes w/ redness, stop bleeding from LJ
fang fengwind, lift yang, stops spasm, stops diarrhea, very gentle, dispels wind from all parts, treats migraine headaches
gao bentaiyang + jueming headaches
qiang huopain all over, occiput headaches, treats w-c-d, enters BL+KID, bitter
bai zhiyangming aches, eyes, fronthead, sinus headaches, sinus infections, also said to expel pus!
xi xinthin mucus/water in lungs - asthma, nasal congestion, rhinitis, running nose, evaporates water in lungs, also good for pain d/t w-d-c, dosage:1-3g
cang er zinasal congestion, rhinitis, sinus
xin yinasal congestion, rhinitis, sinus
bo hecool, aromatic, pungent, LU+LIV - soothes liv-qi, vent rashes, benef. throat/head/eyes, short decoction,
niu bang zipungent+bitter+cold/lu+st-throat (stronger than bohe for that), carbuncles/mumps, severe wind-heat toxicity, vents rashes. bitter-> drains dampness (treat damp-heat), caution: it is bitter+cold
chan tuisweet+salty+sl cold/LU+LIV - CAUTION-PREG - LU+LIV, insect, great for eyes, clear eyes, vent rashes/itching
sang yeLU+LIV/cold+bitter+sweet - emphasis in LU, subdue LIV-yang, moisten LU dryness, dry cough...
ju huaLU+LIV,/sl. cold+bitter+sweet - emphasis in LIV, subdue LIV-yang, treats headaches and eyes d/t LIV issues
chai hupungent+bitter+cool/GB+LIV+P+SJ (JueYin/ShaoYang) - #1 for LIV-QI-STAG, lift SP-yang in prolapse, treats ShaoYang pattern b/c enters GB,LIV,P,SJ
ge gensweet+pungent+cool/SP+ST - thirst, nourish fluids, releases muscles/reduce fever=>stiff neck, raises SP-yang=>stops diarrhea
sheng masweet+pungent+cold/LI+LU+ST+ST - raises SP-yang for organ prolapse/fatigue - ascending hemp
man jing ziBL+LIV+ST/bitter+pungent+cool - headaches, ease pain at face and eyes
dan dou chisl. bitter+sweet+cold/warm/LU+ST - for residual heat (not from lu/ht)
shi gaopungent+sweet+VERY COLD/LU+ST - ST blazing heat, clear LU heat, vent rashes, high fever, generate flesh, alleviates sores, treat the 4 bigs - long decoction
zhi mubitter+sweet+cold/KID+LU+ST - protects (not nourishes) KID Yin (by clearing heat), clear heat from defic, generate body fluids
zhi zipurely bitter+cold/HT+LIV+LU+ST+SJ - antibiotics, enters SJ, treats infections, cools blood/stops bleeding, drain damp-heat from LJ (jaundice), irritability
lu gensweet+cold/LU+ST - phlegm, LU heat, very good for ST heat, espec. good at promoting urination, treats thirst
tian hua fenbitter+sl.sweet+cold/LU+ST - CONTRA-PREG phlegm, LU+ST heat, generates fluids, treats thirst, moistens LU dryness, expels pus from LU
xia ku caoGB+LIV/Bitter+pungent+cold-clears LIV fire, so treats irritability, nodules (phlegm-fire) along the lymph nodes, hypertension
dan zhu yesweet+bland+cold/HT+SI+ST - also for irritability d/t HT-fire, treats PUD, clears heat transferring to BL from HT through SI
jue ming zibitter+sweet+salty+cold/LIV+LI - also clears LIV fire, subdue LIV-yang, better for eyes than XIA KU CAO, moistens LU, treats cholesterol and hypertension
huang qinbitter+cold/LU+LIV+ST+GB, for UJ/MJ, #1 for LU heat here, #1 for damp-heat here-jaundice, calms fetus, cools blood/LIV/GB, treat insomnia (d/t heat),
huang lianbitter+cold/HT+LI+LIV+ST, #1 for diarrhea here(LI), #1 for ST-heat here, #1 for HT heat, cools blood, jaundice
huang baibitter+cold/BL+KID+LI - for LJ, #1 for LJ-heat, clears KID-FIRE from Yin-xu. Gout in big toe/joints, not for diarrhea,
long dan caoGB+LIV+ST/bitter+cold - super strong, drains FIRE from LIV/GB, #1 to treat damp-heat frmo LIV/GB, treats jaundice, damages yin, very good for red eyes d/t GB/LIV
ku shenbitter+cold/BL+HT+LIV+LI+ST+SI - super bitter, treats skin, kills parasite, alleviates itching, promotes urination, good topically
qi pinbitter+cold+astringent/GB+LI+LIV+ST - its astringency helps stopping discharge of fluids. Drains LIV-fire, benefits eyes
jin yin huasweet+cold/LU+LI+ST - treats dysentery (by cooling blood), bacteria, virus, expels wind-heat, cools blood
lian qiaobitter+cool/HT+LU+GB - reduces abscesses, dissipates nodules, expels wind-heat
pu gong yingbitter+sweet+cold/LIV+ST - dandelion, reduces abscesses/clumps in intestines and breasts, relieves PUD
da qing yebitter+very cold - for epidemic diseases, antiviral: meningitis, sars, measles, mumps
qing daisalty+cold/LIV+LU - indigo naturalis, cools blood, drains LIV-fire: for febrile convulsions in children (b/c it drains LIV-fire), high fever+convulsions
ban lan genbitter+cold - also good for throat, cools blood. If pregnant, can't use SHE GAN, so use this one.
she ganbitter+cold/LU - CONTRA-PREG - #1 for sore throat, transforms phlegm, clear LU heat
yu xing caopungent+cold/LU+LI - clear heat in LU, #1 for pus in the lungs. Expels pus, reduces swelling
hong tengbitter+neutral/LI+LIV - CAUTION-PREG - moves blood, stops pain in the limbs.
bai jiang caopungent+bitter+sl.cold/LI+LIV+ST - expel pus, (LU+intestines), moves blood, stops pain in chest/abdomen. Can treat postpartum and surgical pain.
bai tou wengbitter+cold/LIV+LI+ST- #1 for dysentery (damp-heat in st/intestines). kills parasite (as KuShen) , stops itching.
bai hua she she gaobitter+sweet+cold/LIV+LI+ST - snakebites, super strong for all abscess-like things, prom. urination, treats cancer
bai xian pibitter+cold/SP+ST - is bitter like the 3 huangs, dry dampness, great for skin disorders
zi hua di dingbitter+cold+pungent - moisten intestines, it's purple, can also treat snakebite, better for deep-rooted boils/sores