Herbal Actions

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In creases the ability of the body to cope with stressAdaptogen
blood cleanser; supports the liver, kidneys, and lymph; alters long-term health concerns in the body; improves metabolism, nutrition, assimilation and elimination; helps cells function betterAlterative
Eases or relieves painAnalgesic
Kills worms and parasitesAnthelmenic/Vermifuge
Kills or inhibits growth of fungiAnti-Fungal
Resolves/reduces inflammationAnti-inflammatory
Kills or inhibits invading micro-organismsAnti-microbial
Reduces production of 'stones' or gravel in urinary systemAnti-lithic
Clears and dries mucous, reduces mucous productionAnti-Catarrhal
Clears/helps arthritis in all it's manifestationsAnti-rheumatic
Prevents bacterial growthAntiseptic
Reduces spasms Antispasmodic
Causes tissue to contract when weak, a tonic or 'leaking'. If used to stop bleeding they're called styptics or hemostatsAstringent/Styptic/Hemostat
For digestion; stimulates secretions along the alimentary canal; improves appetite and digestion, especially of fats/oils/lipidsBitter
Reduces intestinal gas; eases cramping and grippingCarminative
Lubricates tissues with mucilage and moisture; coats and soothes internallyDemulcent/Emollient
Lubricates tissues with mucilage and moisture; coats and soothes externallyDemulcent/Emollient
Opens pores and promotes sweating, cools fever, cleanses via skinDiaphoretic
Increases urine flow from bodyDiuretic
Induces vomitingEmetic
Stimulates menstrual flowEmmenagogue
Helps bring up mucous; sometimes general term for lungsExpectorant
Lowers body temperature; usually use a diaphoretic insteadFebrifuge/Antipyretic
Increases the supply of breast milk in nursing mothersGalactagogue
Gentle eliminator of bowelsLaxative/Aperient
Relieves lymphatic congestionLymphatic
Supports the nervous system; relaxingNervine
Not gentle; forceful elimination of the bowelsPurgative/Cathartic
Brings blood flow to an area; used topically it irritates the skin causing blood and heat to come to the areaRubefacient
Slows activity in tissueSedative/Hypnotic/Soporific
Increase the production and flow of salivaSialagogue
Wound healerVulnerary
Secretes bile out of the gallbladder: Cholagogue

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