Henryson critics

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Moral in The Morall Fabillis?The nuttis schell, thocht it be hard and teuch,/ Haldis the kirnell, sueit and delectabill
The Charteris edition (1593) calls Henryson?scolmaister of Dumfermling.
Gail Paster, The Body Embarrassed (1993) calls women?leaky vessels
Derek Pearsall (Cambridge companion 1997) argues?the private does not exist
Felicity Riddy in Abject Odious (1997) says?Cresseid's abjection maintains Troylus's truth
J. Martin in Kinship and Love in Scottish poetry (2008)?plasticity as pagan myth was mined for christian virtue
Susan Sontag (Illness as metaphor, 1978)?the true face of a beautiful liar: the leper's body becomes a social text in which corruption is made visible
Julia Kristeva, The Powers of Horror (1982)?the abject and grotesque female body
Mary Douglas, Purity and Danger (1966)?all margins are dangerous
Helen Cooper, Romance after 1400 (1999)?the fabled or fabulous: a meme
Kynaston (1679)?fine poeticall way.
Sally Mapstone, Probably Truth (2013)?1375-1700 pre-literary as a misnomer
Kylie Murray?oldest Scottish manuscript from the 12th century of Consolation of Philosophy.
John FriedmanOrpheus in the Middle Ages 1970
Carol Mills, Bards and Makars (1977)motifs pegged onto Classical tale
Alessandra Petrina, human setting in Henryson (2002)?'contamination' of genres causes disjunct

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