Hemostatics & Anticoags

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Systemic hemostatics are which ones?Protamine Sulfate, Vitamin K, Blood, Desmopressin acetate (A girl Presses VicK to Surf on Blood)
Name the topical hemostatics:Fibrin foam, Fibrinogen, Thrombin, Thromboplastin, Oxidized Cellulose, Absorbable gelatin sponge, Microcrystalline collagen, Epinephrine
Thromboplastin use? Applied as a spray or sponge: used to measure prothrombin time during an anticoagulant therapy (promotes conversion of prothrombin to thrombin)
What is used to prevent capillary & venous bleeding?Absorbable gelatin sponge
Oxidized cellulose is used for?temporary packing- surgical gauze or sponge (Facillitates coagulation reaction between hemoglobin and cellulosic acid. Forms gummy matrix to facillitate clot formation.)
What is used to control bleeding from small v?Epinephrine
Fibrin foam is used for?trapping blood oozing from the surface (used after presoaking in thrombin solution- available as strips)
What is used as an adhesive in skin grafts, massive blood loss?Fibrinogen
Thrombin use?ADHESIVE for SKIN GRAFTS & for bleeding from surgery, it is applied as a powder. Never give IV
Prothrombin origin?Bovine
Surface hemostatic agent used in clotting factor deficiencies: Microcrystalline Collagen (exception in thrombocytopenia)
In what situation would you used blood?for emergency treatment of acute hemorrhagic syndromes w deficiency of clotting factors (because your giving WHOLE BLOOD)
In what situation would you use vitamin K?when patient ingests a vit K antagonist (plants like dicoumarol & sweet clover) & in rodenticide poisoning cases
To control capillary bleeding from wounds, what will you use?Desmopressin acetate (repeated use decreases the effectiveness)
Protamine sulfate is used to?used as an ANTAGONIST for HEPARIN (an anticoagulant which leads to hemorrhagic action)
What is found in the sperm of fish and interferes w the action of thrombin & fibrinogen?Protamine sulfate
what is a synthetic analog of vasopressin and releases vwF from endothelial cells & macrophages?desmopressin acetate
what aids in the production of clotting factors and produces active protein C and S?vitamin K
Sponge like material prepared by action of thrombin on human fibrinogen. Insoulble substance, available as strips of white sponge:fibrin foam
Powder that Promotes the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin:thromboplastin
sterile powder that Converts endogenous fibrinogen to fibrin for clot formation:thrombin

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Systemic anticoags?Heparin & Vit K antagonists
Clinical uses of heparin?Prevent venous thrombosis & pulm embolism. Treat thromboembolism. DIC, arterial throbi (cats), decrease risk factors in heartworm tx.
Clinical uses of Vit K antagonist?Prophylaxis; tx for venous thrombosis
Which anticoag is a coumarin derivative?vit K antagonist
What is used to test fro prothrombin time?vit k antagonist
common side effect to all anti coags?Hemorrhage
SE of Heparin in equines?decreases RBC mass & erythrocyte agglutination

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Fibrinolytic agents are?Streptokinase, Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Firbrinolysin, Urokinase
Fibrinolytic agents use:Enhance conversion of inactive precursor plasminogen to active fibrinolytic enzyme plasmin.
Streptokinase:Eczema, dermatitis, cellulitis, haematoma, trauma, sinusitits, cysts, fractures wit fistulus tracks.
Adverse effects of streptokinase:systemic fibrinolysis
TPA (tissue Plasminogen Activator) clinical use:Lysis of aortic thromboembolism in cats
Fibrinolysin use?thrombosis & embolism in humans
Urokinase use?prevention of POST-operative adhesions when given as a LAVAGE into the PERITONEAL cavity

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Anti platelet drugs:Aspirin, Ticlopidine, Clopidogrel, Dipyrimadole
General uses of anti-platelet drugs:feline thrombi assoc with cardiomyopathy. Decrease severity of pulm endocarditis in heartworm disease, DIC, pulm embolism. In horses - laminitis, navicular disease
anti-plate let drugs to what to cAMP levels in platelets?increase

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