HemOnc Tumor Markers

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Question Answer
Translocation of c-myc (8) and heavy chain Ig (14); t(8;14)Burkitt Lymphoma (Neoplasm of mature B Cells)
t(14;18)Diffuse large B Cell Lymphoma (Neoplasm of mature B Cells)
Translocation of cyclin D1 (11) and heavy chain Ig (14), t(11:14)Mantle Cell lymphoma (Neoplasm of mature B Cells)
Heavy chain Ig (14) and bcl-2 translocationFollicular Lymphoma (Neoplasm of mature B Cells)
Caused by HTLV-1Adult T-Cell Lymphoma (Neoplasms of Mature T Cells)
Large amounts of IgG. M SpikeMultiple Myeloma
M spike=IgMWaldenstrom macroglobulinemia
TdT+, CD10+, Increase LymphoblastsALL (TdT+ marker of pre-T and pre-B cells, CD10+ pre B cell only)
CD20+, CD5+, Smudge CellsSLL/CLL
TRAP +Hairy Cell
Auer Rods, Peroxidase inclusions, t(15;17), increase myeloblastsAML
t(9;22), bcr-abl, high neutrophil, splenomegaly, LAPCML
S-100 and CD1a, birbeck granulesLangerhans
CD15/CD30+ RS Cell- Hodgkins