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blood is what % plasma?55%
Hematocrit; Men:40-50%
Hematocrit: women:27-47%
Hemoglobin: Men:14-18%
Hemoglobin: Women:12-16%
Neutrophils %55-65%
Platelet normal range150,000-450,000
Thrombolytics need to be used within how many hours?1-6 hours
MCV range80-100fl
MCHC range31-37 g/dL
PT11-13 seconds
INR0.7-1.8 2-3 if on coumadin
PTT20-30 seconds
TIBC250-450 mcg/dL
Serum Ferritin20-400
serum iron30-160
What are the s/s of HTN crisis?HA, papilledema, blurred vision, restlessness, motor sensory deficits, chest pain, N/V SOB. Can lead to stroke
What is the treatment for PAD?Plavix, aspirin. Stop smoking. Foot care, control illness, surgery
How can you diagnose Buerger's?Duplex ultrasound
What is the tx for Raynaud's?Vasodialators, CaCh blockers, decrease fat and alcohol, swinging arms/ dependent position
How do you tx arterial occlusion?anticoagulants, intra-arterial fibrolytic therapy, endovascular reduction/removal, surgery
S/s of thoracic aneurysmsback, neck, or substernal pain, dyspnea, weak voice, dysphagia, face or neck edema, distended neck veins
Tx for dissecting aneurysmBeta blocker & antiHTN, Nipiride, stool softener, anticoagulants
How do you dx a DVT?Doppler, ultrasound, MRI or venography
What is the nursing mgmt for DVT?anticoag, bed rest, elevate legs w/ knees bent, compression stockings, lifestyle mod
What are the meds for DVT?anticoag, fibrinolytics, NSAIDS

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