Heme Quiz 1a

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CBC Review

Question Answer
calculating MCVMCV = hematocrit / erythrocyte count (units are fentoliters)
define MCHaverage amount of hgb per cell
calculate MCHMCH = hgb / erythrocyte count
define MCHCmean corpuscular hgb concentration (the average concentration of hgb as mass per volume in RBC's)
define RDWvariation in RBC size
how is reticulocyte count calculatedsmear, % of every 100 cells
define corrected retic count ("reticulocyte index")adjusted for degree of anemia
calculate corrected retic count ("reticulocyte index") retic count (%) x actual Hct/normal hct
define absolute retic countnumber of retic's in given volume of blood
caculate absolute retic countretic count (%) x total number o retics reported on CBC
what are megakaryocyteslarge bone marrow cell with a lobulated nucleus responsible for the production of blood thrombocytes (platelets)

Hemoglobin DIsorders

Question Answer
high affinity hemoglobins have ____ p50LOW (tightly bound)
explain methemoglobiniron molecule oxidized to ferric (fe3+) - can't reversible bind o2
tx for methemoglobinmethylene blue

Sickle Cell