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Blastic bone lesions are associated with which 2 carcinomas?prostatic carcinoma or breast carcinoma
what 4 cancers are associated with LYTIC bone lesions?multiple myeloma
Adult T-cell Leukemia
lung carcinoma
breast carcinoma
Schuffners dots (red granules on RBCs) suggest?Plasmodia vivax or ovale
which 2 drug combinations are used to tx malaria in chloroquine-resistance disease?Proguanil + Atovaquone
what malaria drug is associated with reactivation of PSORIASIS?choroquine
which 3 translocations are associated with Burkitts Lymphoma?t(8;14) t(8;22) t(2;8)
laryngeal papillomas are associated with what virus?HPV 6,11
another name for precipitated Hb molecules?Heinz bodies --> a/w G6PD defiency
which translocation is a/w IgH and bcl-2?follicular lymphoma t(14;18)
which translocation is a/w bcl-1 and IgH?t(11;14)
which translocation is a/w myc and IgH?t(8;14)
which translocation is a/w kappa light chain and myc?t(2;8)
which translocation is a/w myc and lambda?t(8;22)

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reed-sternberg cell?Hodgkins Lymphoma
What is a Reed-sternberg cell?B-cell with a bilobed, mirror shaped nucleus
what do Reed Sternberg cells show evidence of?somatic hypermutation
what org causes granuloma inguinale (painless ulcers)?Klebsiella granulomatis
what condition is a/w itchiness after taking a hot shower?polycythemia
name 5 neoplastic tumors a/w increased Epo?hepatocellular carcinoma, renal cell carcinoma, hemangioblastoma, pheochromocytoma, uterine myomata
does polycythemia vera show high or low levels of Epo?LOW Epo levels
what are tingible body macrophages?macrophages containing debris from ingested lymphocytes
whats the difference btw fibrin-degradation-products (FDP) and D-dimer?FDP can be generated from the degradation of fibrinogen or fibrin, while D-dimers derives ONLY from fibrin
which plasmodia is found only in Panama?P. vivax
what 4 conditions are associated with TARGET CELLS? (HALT)Hemoglobin C
Liver Disease

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CD16+ lymphocytes?NK cells
what cell does EBV infect?infects CD21+ B-cells
hemolytic anemia in a neonate with a positive coombs test suggests?immune hemolytic anemia from ABO or Rh incompatibility
which AML subtype is a/w DIC?AML-M3 (Auer rods induce DIC)
which condition is a/w crewcut skull?sickle cell anemia
increased number of BLASTS are seen in what disorders?acute leukemias, and late stages of CML and CLL
which pain medication is a/w cardiovascular problems?NSAIDS and COX-2 inhibitors
what type of drug is Clarithomycin?macrolide
unlike most forms of leukemia, which leukemia is characterized by PANCYTOPENIA rather than increased numbers of circulating cells?hairy cell leukemia
associate INCREASED leukocyte alkaline phosphatase with what?myeloid metaplasia AND leukomoid reaction
whats the normal Hct range for females?36-46%
whats the normal Hct range for males?41-53%
what cell is the first line defense against extracellular bacteria?neutrophils

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decreased platelets and normal red cellsITP
normal platelets and fragmented RBCsMicroangiopathic hemolytic anemia
decreased platelets and fragmented RBCsTTP
normal platelet levels with decreased platelet functionvWF and thrombasthenia
Whats the characteristic cell in CLL?Smudge cells = reflect fragility of B-CLL cells when the smear is made
warm agglutinins?IgG
cold agglutinins?IgM
Reed sternberg cells in mixed cellularity hodgkin lymphoma is positive for which two CD?CD 30 and CD15
Whats the difference btw TTP and HUS symptoms wise?TTP shows neurological/CNS symptoms
what does plasmin degrade?fibrin, fibrinogen, factor V and VIII
what point mutation seen in sickle cell?glutamate --> valine at 6th position of beta chain
rouleax formation?multiple myeloma
rapid release of auer rods during chemotherapy can lead to what?DIC
which type of anemia is common in pts with Hodgkins lymphoma?anemia of chronic disease
microcytic anemia with low serum iron, high ferritin, low TIBCanemia of chronic disease

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what bacteria causes cat-scratch disease?Bartonella henselae = gram negative bacillis
Biopsy of LNs show stellate granulomas?cat scratch disease = bartonella hensale
whats the MOA of Ticlopidine? (similar to clopidogrel)inhibits ADP from binding platelet receptors
whats the side effect of Ticlopidine?

ADP receptor inhibitors = Clopidogrel, Ticlopidine, Prasugrel, Ticagrelor
why does warfarin cause skin necrosis?early inhibition of protein C's anticoagulating effects
whats the MOA of Abciximib?inhibits binding of fibrinogen to gpIIb/IIIa
whats the MOA of eptifibatide?inhibits binding of fibrinogen to gpIIb/IIIa
whats the MOA of tirofiban?gpIIb/IIIa inhibitor

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