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What is the difference between Acute/chronic ITP?Acute: follows a viral infection. 2-6yr. Chronic:Adults 20-40yr
What is the most serious complication for ITP?Brain bleed
What are the s/s of DIC?Decreased BP & pulse, petechia, cyanosis, oozing,intraabdominal bleeding, dyspnea, neurological symptoms, renal symptoms, and pain
What is the tx for hemolytic disease of the newborn?Rhogam. If untreated, severe edema and total HF for fetus.
What are the S/S for Von Willebrand disease?abn. bleeding, long epitaxis, gums bleed, blood in urine/stool, discovered after procedure
How fast and why would you need to administer platelets?rapidly. Platelet count below 20,000, active bleeding, and/or preparation for surgery.
When do you administer cryoprecipitate?fibrinogen level is below 100 or when there is clotting factor disorders
What happens when pt is having fever, chills, incr HR, & decre BP during blood transfusion? What do you do?Bacterial reaction. Obtain cultures, treat based on infection (fluids, antibiotics, vasopressors)
What happens when pt is having incr BP, incr HR, JVD, and crackles during blood transfusion?Circulatory overload. Slow transfusion rate, raise HOB, call MD, lasix

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