Heat Unit Test

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Question Answer
TemperatureA measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in the substance.
HeatThe thermal energy that is transferred from one substance to another.
ConductorsSubstances that transfer heat easily/quickly
InsulatorsSubstances that transfer heat poorly
Potential EnergyEnergy that is stored
Kinetic EnergyEnergy that is "moving"

Common Temperatures

Question Answer
Oven for Cooking Pizza160 degrees
Room Temperature20 degrees
Air in the Fridge7 degrees
Healthy Human37 degrees

The Transfer of Heat

Question Answer
in a solidconduction
in liquids and gasesconvection
in space and otherradiation

Heat Conversion

Question Answer
K to C- 273
C to K+ 273
C to Fx 1.8 + 32
F to C(F - 32) / 1.8
K to and from FConvert to C first

Sources of Heat Energy

Question Answer
Define FrictionHeat is produced when surfaces are rubbed together.
Define DistortionHeat is generated when substances, especially metals, are bent (usually repeatedly).
Define CompressionWhen substances are compressed, they become hotter.
Define PercussionSubstances heat up when being hit or pounded.
Define Chemical Energy (Burning)Heat energy is released when the bonds between atoms (particles) are broken using high temperatures. New substances are formed whenever chemical energy occurs, but this is NOT a change of state.
Define Other Chemical ReactionsHeat energy is released when certain substances are mixed with other substances. Like burning, new substances are being formed.
Define Electrical EnergyAs electricity moves through material that resists the flow of electrons (part of an atom), the particles in the substances become agitated and move more rapidly, generating heat.
Define Nuclear EnergyEnergy that is released when an atom is split apart (fission), or forced to join together (fusion). Fusion is what occurs in the sun.


Question Answer
How fast does radiation travel?300,000 km/s
What does radiation travel in?waves
Radiation can be _____ or ______reflected or absorbed
What do photons do?carry the radiation
Higher frequencies means...?higher energy
What is infrared radiation?heat


Question Answer
Who invented the first air thermometer?Galileo
Name the four sources of electricity.Nuclear, Solar, Water, Wind
What is the percentage of energy gained from food to make us move?40%
What is the percentage of energy gained from food to keep us warm?60%

Station things

Question Answer
Convection is one way how heat is transferred in _____ and _____.liquid gas
Explain how convection works.When a part of the gas/liquid is heated the particles are less dense (because the particles move farther apart). This makes that section rise. The rest of the liquid/gas, which is colder, moves into its place. The cold substance becomes heated, gets less dense, and rises. The cycle continues.
What colour best reflects heat?white
What colour best absorbs heat?black
Why do solids become larger when heated?The particles move farther apart when heated, because when something moves faster, it also has to move more apart.

Our Incredible Sun

Question Answer
Other than extreme heat, what are two other things that would prevent us from getting close to the sun?solar radiation and intense light
The sun's birth is believed to be about _________ years ago.4.5 billion years
Which two gases fuel the sun?hydrogen and helium
Does nuclear fusion or fission occur in the sun?fusion
When nuclear fusion occurs in the centre of the sun, how long does it take for the energy from that reaction to reach the sun's surface?a million years
What are sun spots?areas on the sun's surface that are considerably cooler than the rest of the surface
What's a solar flare?It is when there is a sudden change in the magnetic properties of the sun, so huge flares of burning gas shoot from the sun's surface.
How many km out from the sun can a solar flare extend?hundred of thousand km
What three common household electronics can be affected by solar flares?TV, radio and cell phone

Change of State Chart

Name of ChangeFromToHeat Must Be

Definite or Indefinite?

you can sorta test yourself on this... but it's slightly diff from the rest sorry
compressibilitya tiny bita bita lot
expansion on heatinglowmediumhigh

Other Things

Question Answer
What is the formula for calculating heat energy?HE = #g x change in temperature x SHC
Why is absolute zero not possible to reach?Because there is nothing colder to transfer the heat to.

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