Heat test

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TemperatureA measure of the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance
Heat The thermal energy that is transferred from one substance to another
Potential Energy that is stored
KineticEnergy that is moving
ConvectionThe transfer of heat in liquids and gases
ConductionThe transfer of heat in solids


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Kelvin to CelsiusSubtract 273 from the Kelvin (273°K=0°C)
Celsius to KelvinAdd 273 to the Kelvin (0°C=273°K)
Celsius to Farenheit#°C x1.8 +32 = #°F
Farenheit to Celsius(#°F - 32) divide 1.8 = #°C
Specific Heat CapacityHE = #g x 🔺t x SHC

Bill Nye video 1

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Do cold things have heatYes
Are the molecules in cold things moving more slowly or quickly than the molecules in hot thingsSlowly
What has more heat energy, an ice sculpture or a burning matchAn ice sculpture
How fast do heat waves/infrared rays travel300,000km/s
Does heat transfer more or less when molecules are farther apartLess

Bill Nye video 2

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Does a wound up rubber band have potential or kinetic energyPotential
Is sound a type of energyYes
Name 4 sources used to create electrical energyHeat, water, sunlight, wind
Electrical energy can be turned into these 3 types of energyLight, heat, back-into-motion
What % of the chemical energy that comes from food is used to move us around%40
What % of chemical energy that comes from food is transferred into heat energy%60
What form of energy almost always occurs when one form of energy is converted from another form of energyHeat energy

The Measurement of heat sheet

Question Answer
Who developed the first air thermometerGalileo
What century was the first air thermometer developed16th
At what temperature (Celsius) does absolute zero occur-273°C
Would any heat be transferred if absolute zero was reachedNo
Do scientists believe that the atoms/particles/molecules would still be oscillating if absolute zero was reachedYes
What substance is used for determining "fixed points" for temperature scalesWarm water
What are the fixed points of the fixed scale0°,100°
Why did lord Kelvin create the Kelvin scaleSo there would be no negatives

Sources of heat energy

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Mechanical energyFriction, distortion, compression, percussion
Chemical energyBurning, other chemical reactions, electrical energy, nuclear energy

Heat station 1- How Heat is Transferred in Solids

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Conduction is how_____ is transferred in_____Heat, solids
Remember from our favourite note of the year______ that particles in any substance are always_____, even in____The particle theory of matter, vibrating, solid
Obviously we cant____ or feel these vibrations, but they are____ at all times, in every single solid in the universeSee, occurring
With the addition of____ energy, the____ in a solid vibrate more____ and vibrate a greater_____ from side to sideHeat, particles, quickly, distance
When e particles vibrate faster is causes them to_____ with each other, and in doing so,____ energy is_____ from one particle to the____Collide, heat, passed, next
Energy is passed continuously until the heat source is____, and the particles___ ___ becoming coolerRemoved, slow down

Heat station 2- Convection

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____ is one way how heat or____ ____ is transferred in____ and_____Convection, thermal energy, liquids, gases
Unlike conduction, convection occurs when warmer particles_____ from place to______, carrying____ ____ with themmove, place, thermal energy
Remember that most materials_____ as they warm up an their particle move___ ___expand, farther apart
Each section of the warmed material is left with____ particles than when it was____, so each section is____, or, less____ than it used to befewer, cold, lighter, dense
The warmed section____, and____, more dense material takes its placerises, colder
As this cold material becomes_____, it becomes less____ and rises and the____ continueswarmer, dense, cycle

Heat station 3- radiation

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Which pop can reflects the greatest amount of radiant light from the lampThe white can
Which pop can absorbs the least amount of radiant light from the lampThe white can
How fast are the infrared rays travelling from the lamp to the pop cans300,000km/s
What is another colour that would achieve almost the same result as the white canyellow or light beige
What is another colour that would achieve almost the same result as the black canbrown or dark grey

Heat station 4- How Heat Affects a Solids Volume

Question Answer
Did the size/volume of the ball increase or decrease after it was heatedincreased

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