Heat Test (Workstations)

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Section 1

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Conduction is how _____ is transferred in _______Heat, Solids
Particles in any substance are always _________, even in solids.Vibrating
With the addition of _____ _____, the particles in a solid vibrate ______ _______, and vibrate a greater _______ from side to side.Heat energy, More quickly, Distance
The addition of heat energy causes particles to ________ with each other.Collide
When the particles collide, _____ ______ is ________.Heat energy, Passed
The particles collide until the heat source is _________, so the particles _______ _______. (Becoming ________)Removed, Slow down, Cooler

Section 2

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Convection is a way that ____ or ________ energy is transferred in _______ or _______.Heat, Thermal, Liquids, Gases
Convection occurs when ____ particles _____ from place to place, carrying _______ _________ with them.Warmer, Move, Thermal energy
Most materials ________ when they warm up, and their particles move _______ _________.Expand, Farther apart
The warm material is left with __________ particles than when it was _____, so it is ______, or less _____.Fewer, Cold, Lighter, Dense
The warm section ______, and _________, dense material takes its place.Rises, Colder
When the material becomes warmer, it is less _____. The cycle continues.Dense
The moving fluid or gas is called a...Convection Current

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